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G101 is arguably the largest guitar based internet community in the world with over 33,000 members as of 2008, and still growing. The community is a vast resource for guitar enthusiasts of all levels from beginners to experienced pros.

Members can get answers and help to most any guitar related questions, repair, painting, wiring, etc in the guitar room. There is also an amp room and a home recording forum for recording enthusiasts with pages of information and research.

Members wishing to buy/sell equipment or just post pictures of their gear can find just what they need in these specialized forums. Any SPAM or vendors listing more than 1 or 2 items will be deleted and banned.

If the lessons and reference archives weren’t enough, members can download backing tracks and make their own home recordings and post in the member personal music sections. If collaboration is what you are looking for check out the jam room and start a jam with other musicians in cyberspace. There is a battle section if the mood strikes for a guitar duel at 3:00 a.m.

A very popular section for bootlegs keeps even the most avid collectors extremely busy posting and sharing non-published concert recordings.

At G101 we don’t condone posting of any copyrighted recordings of backing tracks, or the selling of any guitars with copyrighted paint schemes (you know what I mean here, the ones with stripes) but most anything else legal if fine.

Generally speaking we avoid censorship so please post with care that members of all ages visit this forum, but do speak your mind. If you have any questions, simply P.M. a member of the staff.

We are all hear to learn, share, and encourage all levels of guitar playing so please be respectful…banning a member is very few and far between and ample warnings from the mod team are given before such an action occurs.

Enjoy and site and remember it only works if everyone contributes!

G101 staff