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Different Pickups and their tones

I have seen many posts where people are asking for pickup suggestions. As many of you realize, we can talk until we are blue in the face, but actually hearing the pickup is much better than anything else.

The object of this thread is for you to put the guitar and pickup in the subject of your post, then post an audio clip. Try to keep your information short and concise in your post regarding the pickup, but tell us the wood of your guitar (if known) your amp to record with or amp simulator and the setting, and the pickup itself. If you want to list more info, please do, but keep it concise. Preferably a distorted audio clip, and a clean clip (can be combined in one clip), a couple of pinch harmonics and the likes. Nothing fancy, just something to show the tonal qualities of the pickup.

Keep your posts limited to one guitar each post so it is easier for people to skim through this thread to find what they seek.

Take discussions outside this thread or they will be deleted. Again, for sake of keeping things organized
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