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Wood doesnt affect tone in a solidbody guitar. Theres not enough difference in tone to matter. Blindfold yourself and take a test. The only tonewood that has anything to do with a guitar is an acoustic guitars top.
Since guitar pickups are all built nearly exactly the same within each type I dont believe they sound differently from each other . Sensitivity varies and people classify that difference as sounding different. You can take a vintage PAF humbucker that measures 9K ohms resistance that some fool on ebay is trying to sell for $1000 and a no name $5 pickup that has the same resistance. Compare their sound and it will be so close that you cant tell them apart when blindfolded. Theres a limited amount of components in a magnetic pickup therefore there aint much that you can do to change the way they sound. Wire guage,magnet type,slugs and a bobbin. Wire guage is probably the most important factor but it seems to me like everybody is using the same size or damned close to it. I've read from various sources that the most any magnetic pickup ( besides a horseshoe) can cost in parts is around $3.50. The pickup buisness has got to be the biggest scam in history.
This isnt meant to cause an argument. Its just my own observations . You have your own. Post them if youre old enough to read and write and not bound to a silence clause in your life contract
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