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Originally Posted by Badams
Wood doesnt affect tone in a solidbody guitar. Theres not enough difference in tone to matter.

I couldn't disagree more. There are a lot instances where body tone is closely matched between guitars, but I had 3 guitar all made with the same construction (Ibanez), all three had (at one time) the same pickups (Evos), and all three sounded remarkably different.

One is a Jem made with alder, one is a Jem made from basswood, and one is an RG 520 QS with a mahogany body.

I recently switched out the Evos on the basswood Jem to "Breed" pickups.

The Alder and basswood Jems varied in tone color. The basswood is darker, and fatter. But the mahogany is the biggest difference. It's a great guitar for live work because it cuts like a knife, but the recorded tone is hard to work with as it's very brittle and almost thin sounding.

I use an ADA MP-2 preamp into an M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcard for recording. It was a HUGE difference that is very, very, obvious using the same preamp settings.

I'll post some clips later.

I also have a Schecter made from Alder, and it sounds COMPLETELY different than the Jem made from alder. I put Seymours in it because the Evos were too brittle sounding.

Just another opinion, I ain't trying to start an argument either.


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