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Originally Posted by Ferret View Post
Can people please reccomend me some really cool rock songs that I can play on my new electric guitar that are quite simple.

I'm just starting out and need to get some tunes under my belt.
Heya Ferret, welcome to the world or guitar playing

Its a hobby/obsession that will be with you forever mate

ok as to your question I can provide a few ideas and offer some guidance for you on this one.

I would suggest you first try this is an absoutely awsome site with an amazing download area (around 16GB of downloadable lessons) which costs a very small subscription of 39 every 6 months.
Content is updated quite regularily and this covers stuff from all over the spectrum of difficulty, BUT the lessons are shown in a note by note video demonstration which makes it alot easier to understand.

Also they have a wonderful store full of lots and lots of their DVD's for different artists, as well as technique lessons.

Easy Rock Songs available for download from there:
ACDC - Back In Black
ACDC - Whole Lotta Rosie
Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Check it out and enjoy

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