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Chris Cornell 2011-10-07 - Canberra Theatre - Canberra, Australia(Roman79) 24/44

Chris Cornell

October 7, 2011

1. What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (Brinsley Schwarz), 2. Wide Awake (Audioslave), 3. Can't Change Me, 4. Sunshower, 5. Two Drink Minimum, 6. Giving it All, 7. Call Me a Dog (Temple of the Dog), 8. Be Yourself (Temple of the Dog), 9. Fell on Black Days, 10. Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog), 11. Like a Stone (Audioslave), 12. Burden in my Hand, 13. When I'm Down, 14. Thank You (Led Zeppelin), 15. I Am the Highway (Audioslave), 16. State Trooper (Bruce Springsteen), 17. Seasons, 18. Like Suicide (Soundgarden), 19. Doesn't Remind Me (Audioslave), 20. A Day in the Life (Beatles), 21. Scream, 22. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), 23. Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden), 24. Imagine (John Lennon).

Track Info: Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT, AUS
Source Info: AUD>DAR>WAV>FLAC [Nevaton MCE400 > Naiant Tinybox > Sony PCM M-10]
Conversion : Sampled at 24/44.1kz, Soundforge raise Right channel, normalise, audacity split tracks.
Taper : Jason Weeks (roman79), ~15 m from stage in centre.
Length: 2:03:47 (recommended split for CDR is Disc 1 (1-13) 65:10 , Disc 2(14-24) (58:24).
Sound Rating: 8.9 (B+)

Sound Comments/Faults?: Great definition on the guitar, vocals sound a little distant. Crowd noise is generally restricted only between songs. Probably 4-5 times an usher will be heard to utter " no photographs please", this is most noticeable during Black Hole Sun. The 1st show I recorded with my new setup. Unfortunately one of the Nevaton microphones appears to be flawed. Hence I had to raise the DB on the right channel which didn't have as much fidelity.. Rather than producing a mono recording by duplicating the left channel (which I tested and sounded a little artificial) I have chosen to retain the modified stereo. Basically the left channel was A quality, the right channel B quality combined it turns into a B+/A- recording. There is a recording volume change between tracks 1 and 2.

Show Comments: Setlist obtained from When I'm Down and Scream have a vinyl backing track. The vinyl of which for When I'm Down was gifted to a 7 yr birthday boy in attendance. The first time Chris has visited Australia's capital - and the 1st time I've heard him acoustic (my knowledge being restricted to Soundgarden songs), I was very impressed.
This is in 24 bits.
To convert to CD audio, covert to Wave then use the freeware programme SRCdrop V0.6.3 to convert to 16 bit audio.

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