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JETHRO TULL - Strong Venues - the Rock Island Tour 1989

Strong Venues - The Rock Island Tour 1989

I always hoped that there would be a good recording of Jethro Tull's Rock Island tour from 1989, which I think is one of the most interesting in Tull's history. Their set-list contained songs the band has never performed live since (Strange Avenues, Bigg riff, the whaler's due... for example) and others they had never played before (Jack-a-lynn, The Third hooraah ...). It is also the only tour with Maartin Allcock (multi-instrumentalist, also a member of Fairport Convention, like his colleague Dave Pegg) and the only time that Martin Barre was no not the only guitarist.

Unfortunately, only one soundboard of this 1989 tour exists (Tampa, Florida November 26, 1989) and yet is it an incomplete recording - barely half of the concert- with many flaws: a lot of hiss, some cuts in several songs, distortion, wrong speed, audience totally absent...
Among the audience recordings, those most widely available are not the best in my opinion. Only one could be rated "very good" or "excellent" IMO: that of Zurich, Switzerland 13 October 1989. But unfortunately, again with an audience quite absent.

Hence the idea of working in a reconstruction of a full concert using the 2 best recordings above and correcting the many flaws. Then, using several other audience recordings, I managed to add the live ambiance - mainly between songs - that the original sources were lacking .

Here's the result: arguably the best bootleg of the 1989 tour, and without doubt the most pleasant release to listen from beginning to end.
The title of this bootleg is in reference to the multiplicity of sources used to reconstruct this *ultimate* concert.

Note to purists : the original files were given to me as mp3. After decompression for the remastering process, I chose to convert them as Flac to avoid further compression.

High resolution artwork included

Jethro Tull in 1989:
Ian Anderson : vocals, flute, acoustic guitar
Martin Barre : lead guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Dave Pegg : bass, mandolin
Maartin Allcock : keyboards, guitar, bouzouki
Doane Perry : drums, percussion

Disc 1
1. Intro : Tanz
2. Strange avenues
3. Steel monkey
4. Big riff and mando
5. Thick as a brick
6. Rock island
7. Requiem /
Black satin dancer
8. Cheap day return
9. Mother goose
10. Jack-a-lynn
11. Pass the bottle (Rob’s birthday)

Disc 2
1. Another christmas song
2. My God including : Bourée / Soirée
3. The pine Marten’s jig / Drowsie Maggie
4. The whaler’s due
5. Budapest
6. Farm on the freeway
7. Sealion (instrumental)
8. Kissing willie
9. Nothing is easy
10. Aqualung
11. Locomotive breath
12. The third Hoorah - instrumental finale

Recorded live during the Rock Island tour :
disc 1 tracks [1-5], [7-11] & disc 2 tracks [9-10] : Zürich, Switzerland, 13 October 1989
disc 1 track 6 : Lüneburg, Germany, 02 September 1990
disc 2 tracks [1-8], [11-12] : Tampa, Florida, USA, 26 November 1989
Other sources used to fill some gaps in the live recordings, or to add audience ambiance : Worcester, USA, 28 October 1989 / Oklahoma, USA, 01 December 1989, / The Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 27 September 1989.

QUALITY: Excellent

part 1:

part 2 :
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This looks really great, thanks !!
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Many thanks for sharing this !!
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This is a dream come true !
I too never could find a satisfactory bootleg of the 1989 Rock Island tour... until now. I had the Tampa show (the only -incomplete- soundboard of this tour) that I found really disappointing, but you did miracles with it, I can't believe it's the same recording...

You really did a great job; this is amazing that the sound is consistent throughout, even with so many different sources, and the transitions are seamless. How could you achieve that ? It amazes me.

Unless a complete and perfect soundboard surfaces, this is, as you say, the ultimate release from Tull's Rock Island show !

Thank you so much
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Thank you very much for the Tull.
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this is a great project you put together!
the band simply sounds SO relaxed and in tune with one another....

thanks notme!
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Anyone else having problems extracting CD1
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Originally Posted by PLUG View Post
Anyone else having problems extracting CD1
Sorted, downloaded it again and extracted fine - thanks for the share
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Thank you very much!!
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Thanks for posting JT. Never enough of them around.
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Sounds great. Definitely worth a download.
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