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Poison​ - Stockholm​, SE​ - 08​-21-90​

Band: Poison
Venue: Globen Arena
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Date: August 21 1990
Taper: Unknown
Recording Equipment: Unknown
Monsters Of Rock European Tour

Lineage: Trade > TDK Type 1 Normal D90 Tape > Soundsaver MC Plexgear 33208 > USB > Audacity Wave > CD Wave Editor (Split Tracks) > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Soundquality: Iīd rate this one 8 out of 10.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here we have Poison from the 1990 Monsters Of Rock show in Stockholm.

Other bands on the bill that day were The Quireboys and headliners Whitesnake.

After seing the 2 previous Monsters Of Rock shows in Stockholm in 1984 & 1986 it was rather odd to find this show at an indoor arena.

I think Poison delivered quite a good set at this show. This is also the only time they have played in my hometown.

Would be nice to see them back here someday.

This is the complete show, only a few seconds of Talk Dirty To Me is missing. I guess the taper didnīt bother to change side of the tape.

Hope you all will enjoy this nice little piece of music history.

***** And please donīt share this one in any lossy format. *****

***** Uploaded on Dime by Hard2Handell July 12th 2011 *****

# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 2011-07-12 15:04:28

6ded9276857795297e951b8ac01bea53 *Track 01.flac
7191f69bce54d43e4a313f8cde94fb65 *Track 02.flac
7f84a9483b9cebf47f675c007669b026 *Track 03.flac
b5e8b43b12e29ebce789aa53f144408b *Track 04.flac
da08a41f649b397da15f29a8919bf706 *Track 05.flac
95e36bd388838eb9dc3132f57a7bc57c *Track 06.flac
365193de787b0b1bb9ae5bd21dac0ce7 *Track 07.flac
0f98982e0b7172180c1b05387447a0ef *Track 08.flac
8d0708fc4c40761d968a812877b43e7e *Track 09.flac
0f18155ff8785b70679ddfd573367bdc *Track 10.flac


01. Intro > Look What The Cat Dragged In
02. Look But You Canīt Touch
03. Poor Boy Blues
04. Unskinny Bop
05. Every Rose Has Itīs Thorn
06. Ride The Wind
07. Let It Play
08. Fallen Angel
09. Nothinī But A Good Time
10. Talk Dirty To Me

Total Time: 45:40


Bret Michaels: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Rikki Rockett: Drums
C.C. DeVille: Guitar
Bobby Dall: Bass

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!


For the moment I can only take requests regarding AC/DC shows.

My list of shows can be found here. Please feel free to let me know if thereīs anything youīd like me to upload here:


Sept 06 of 2017 is when all links will expire if not beforehand so grab 'em while you can because once they are down, that's it.

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