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Trapped Russian sub surfaces, crew safe

Trapped sub surfaces, crew safe

MOSCOW, Russia (CNN) -- A Russian mini-submarine that had been trapped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean since Thursday surfaced Sunday, and all seven of the crew members on board are alive and in satisfactory condition, officials said.
Nice to see some good news for a change! The British aided in the rescue, America and other countries were on the way to help as well. Glad to see these people made it out alive.

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That is great....finally some good news
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excellent - the last thing anyone needed was another kursk.
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Really great news.
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Alrighty then.
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Nothing scares me worst that the thought of being burried alive and what those guys went through is basically the same thing. It is one of those fundamental fears I have...yes, I am rather claustrophobic though I can still "function" in small spaces. I would probably be one to open the hatch, even though I fear drowning a great deal also it isn't half as much as being stuck in a small space and not being able to get out; I think I might panic in that situation. All of the various movies of people getting stuck in subs and suffocating just tore me that Twilight Zone when the guy finds out he is supposed to be dead in the sub and they hear that ticking that turns out to be a hammer hanging from a dead guys hand...guh...

It is good to hear they all got out ok.
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