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pics Why do Fender Esquires have a pickup selector ?

Hey there...i'm just wondering if anyone knows why there is a pickup selector switch on a single pickup guitar such as the fender esquire...when you flick it...there's no other pickup to switch to...a les paul junior just has a volume and tone knob...no pickup selector...

Does it have some sort of secret sinister function...like sending a shock to the drummer when their tempo goes up and down like a toilet seat?...

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I think that switch was a "treble cut" switch. Not familiar with that feature though. Some Esquires did come with dual pickups and a pup switch. Thats all I know about it. I like the idea of shocking the Drummer back into correct Tempo better though! LMAO. I've been known to make some very mean faces at drummers on stage in the past.

Very sweet old Fender you got there.

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