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EVH is in a different league than satch,vai or Yngwie. I think alot of you need to be reminded. Listen to eruption, I'm the one, Panama and ask yourself is there anything that satch,vai or Yngwie wrote that is that exciting? IF you can't see it then you need help.. I love Yngwie, to be honest he's my fav guitarist next to Eddie but his stuff is not in the same league for excitement like eddies playing especially in the early stuff.. Pay attention to eddie's leads and all his amazing charisma when he played, he was so damn good its sickening. The part in eruption at the 17 and 20th fret position where he hits those high OVERbends(pure excitement and magic time), or his solo in I'm the one, his rythms or his sick sound, his sleazy sounding feel, the incredible songs that are timeless.. Every player has tried to be like him and after all these years who's guitar sound is the one that everybody's after but nobody can get.. EDDIE's .. the man is a god damn rock guitar god and has done more for guitar than any other player in history, people who dont see this better open their eyes, he deserves more respect than what some of you are giving him. And why can't he play at his age? you think he's too old to play guitar? you guys ever hear of Buddy Rich? the best drummer to ever live.. He played right up until he was gray and wrinkled and that SOB was a monster on drums, do a search on youtube.com for his drum solos in 1970 and you will amazed, AMAZED! he was in his late 50s... Eddie could easily comeback if he wants it bad enough.. no problem.

Sorry if i came across too strong but i feel strongly about this, he's a f'n HERO in the guitar/music world.. respect the guy.
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Eddie gave so much to music, he can do whatever he wants, he's earned it. The eddie we know now is arrogant, greedy and full of it. Know young eddie was kind, generous, and humble mind you. Same thing happened with Clapton, Clapton was untouchable when he was young. Listen to 2006 boots of him, and he's lost his soul, excitement, feel, everything.
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i would have to agree with rhoadsfan. eddie's early playing had a brilliance to it that i have never heard since Hendrix or Clapton. for the past 3 years van halen is pretty much all i have been listening to (the dlr era), and every time i listen to the same songs i'm still floored.
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Eddie can do whatever he wants with his life. He's done more with his life than most of the people on this planet ever will. Yeah he's older now, he doesn't look like he did in 1984(nobody does who was alive then), yes he's done alot of drinking and drugs....many people in rock have...yes his chops aren't what they were when he was 24.

The people who are DLR fans who are stuck in 1984 and want time to stand still need to wake up it's over and has been for 22 years...and realize Eddie and Dave are different people now. Getting bent out of shape over how somebody you don't know decides to spend their time or how they age is moronic.

I read posts at certain forums with assholes posting photoshopped photos of Eddie all day...and then denying they're photoshopped...right after they finished up cut and pasting shit on the Ed photo they just posted... like it impacts anything in anybody's life. "He's too skinny, he looks f**ked up, he's on meth, he's this he's that". The real joke is Eddie is probably in better shape at 51 then the moron half his age who photoshopped the photo.

I'm not even going to get into the people who rip his guitar playing, the "never-beens" who say Eddie is a "has-been". The people who sit in their room all day practicing alternate picking and sweeps who can't write a song and in twenty years will be in the same room or maybe a different room in their house doing the same shit.

I never went off like this before here but i'm tired of people who's lives revolve around pissing on some guy they never met.

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oh yeah?

Allan Holdsworth eats Eddie, Steve, Joe and Yngwee for lunch...don't think he has any power? Listen to Gongzilla... (IMHO)

This is my first post. This is the first thread I have read all the way through.

I quit listening to Van Halen regularly when they put out Diver Down and I stopped pretty-much permanently at 12:04 am January 1, 1984 (after I saw the "Jump" video premiere on Empty V, although I do like "Hot for Teacher") and only heard them sporadically at the odd gas station or convenience store after that. I liked Sammy in VH, but it was a different band. Just saw my first VH3 vid about a month ago and thought it was really good. This site brought me back to VH, though.

Yes Eddie is old, but give him some time...I think that he will come back. There are lots of "over 50's" who can still cook. I suggest reading about Prokoffev for insight into the life of the artist. Artists usually have a period of prolific activity, then must re-invent themselves, and finally go back to their roots. Very elementary and condensed, yes, but I think you'll see what I mean. Look at Clapton...started out copying the blues, then developed the sound we all know, then reverted to his roots...I think Eddie just needs to find his roots again. He may bow-out gracefully or
decide for "one more go". Either way, you must accept that you have no say in this! Maybe you should

There is worth in honoring history, but there is no way to prove who is better and bickering and statements like I made above about Holdsworth aren't constructive... oh yeah Shawn Lane was playing stuff that Eddie (IMHO) will never be able to play when Shawn was 15 in BOA in 1979. There is a concert here that proves that as well as a few videos on Youtube (imho).

always use the "IMHO" disclaimer when stating opinions.

"Should Led Zeppelin tour with Jason Bonham?"

Why not? I'd pay just to see Plant look bad (JK)
I thought the Police sounded good...and had good chemistry. If you dont want your icon ruined, don't go, or wait until a few shows into the tour and get the spoilers online.

I wish I hadn't seen the Star Wars prequels...

Let's just hope that if VH tours, EVH will tighten up and be good for his fans and for himself...me included. I bet he "had" to clean up because his son is coming. I mean, what kind of man goes on tour with his 16 year-old son while drugging-it up and drinking? I hope he cleans up, goes on tour and silences the critics.

My haypenny.
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i thought eddie should have put out a solo album as soon as 5150 came out whenever that was. But im afriad now it might be to late, he's not as young an crazy anymore as he was than. And just like everyone else, he's gotten to the point where everything he writes just isnt as good as it used to be. We will never know what a solo album from him might have sounded like. But we can still dream.
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from what Eddie says...thats hes has lots of stuff recorded that will be released for profit for his siblings after hes long gone...talk about an insurance policy thats worth millions!
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Originally Posted by axeshredder
from what Eddie says...thats hes has lots of stuff recorded that will be released for profit for his siblings after hes long gone...talk about an insurance policy thats worth millions!
I have always thought that is part of the reason why we don't hear the "10 albums" worth of material. Lets say its released today. Whatever money comes from it has a good chance of being wasted. Cars, drugs, alcohol, studio renovation, Al's alimony payments, etc. If it sits in a fireproof safe, then nobody can touch it. When Eddie and Alex die, that money could go to Wolfgang, Eric and whomever else is left behind.

I just can't see Eddie and Alex jamming for years and not having anything other than jam sessions. There has to be finished songs in the vault.

Then again you would think there would be a pro-shot video of Randy Rhoads somewhere from the Diary tour.
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