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Angry Dougís tubes horror story

I recently placed my first order with Doug's tubes. I never received anything from them. After providing me no option on how to ship, they shipped the order out on the cheap with no insurance or trackability. Not only would they not take any responsibility for this lost shipment, they were total, complete assholes. I mean bordering on psycho-evil. From my perspective as a very honest, decent, easy going guy, I have to warn everyone to avoid these unprofessional and unscrupulous people at all costs.
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Dont understand
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Ive read only good things about the folks at eurotubes:

I havent had to get new tubes for my 5150 combo but when I do it will probably be thru them.
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I bought all new tubes from dougs tubes for my mesa boogie, on his recommendation of which tubes I should use, the reason was because of the microphonic feedback I was getting, 2 years of playing 10 or so hours a week I thought I was due, well, I got the same feedback with all the new tubes so the prob must be in my settings in the small practice room we have. but I also did not like the tone change, so I started swapping around one at a time, and after a few months of tube swapping and playing, I ended up with all my original mesa tubes back in my amp, I will be getting new tubes from Mesa, they must just match and bias for their amp better than other suppliers do, I will be paying 3 times the price I got from dougs, but, I just feel they know the amp better than anyone else would and I found out the hard way...but my point is, I have a new set of matched el34's, the 66's and preamp tubes, I think 5eu4 or something like that, I can let you know exactly if your interested, but I will give you a fair (less than I paid) price on them If they are what you need, Rich
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rich, usually feedback and microphonics are in the pre-amp section. so, mediocre tubes compounded by all the gain in the mesa front end can be a pain in the ass. did you try using electro harmonix (wa's) in the first section or two in your mesa? it just kills me to see mesa and groove tube get 2 to 3 times the price of a regular tube when all they do is buy what's out there and stencil thier logo on them. i'd love to know what you put in there before going back to the "mesa tubes" rich, don't take this the wrong way, i'm trying to help- not criticize you......................frank
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Hey Frank, I will have to look, I have not bought new tubes from mesa yet, but I'am open to ideas before I do, after I check out the tubes I'll repost...Thanks, Rich
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I've also used Eurotubes for replacements and they were perfect! I'd highly endorse them.
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I've bought several hundreds of dollars worth of tubes from doug over the years and not once have I ever had a problem...which is why he's recieved so much of my business.

I've gotten a couple tubes that were damaged during shipping. Upon informing him of any damaged tube or tube that doesn't work, a new one is sent out that day and I send the damaged one back and get the replacement within a couple of days.

his advice on tubes in general has really helped open my eyes. I used to be all JJ's until I started using better tubes and I couldn't be happier with the tone in my amps.

n2music, Doug's been doing a lot of moving and construction with his shop and considering he's doing all that himself while trying to run a business, yeah mistakes are bound to happen. They use USPS. Blame THEM for not getting you your shipping info. I've never been able to retrieve shipping data from them. Insurance? If it doesn't work, doug sends a new one. That's about as convinient as it can be.

Doug uses them because they're inexpensive and fast but if you need the tubes there faster, he does offer that option (as I requested a quote for overnight shipping on a quartet of EL84's a while back).

Mistakes happen and no one is perfect but calling someone (who in most people's view is the most respected and knowledgeable tube vendor in the country) out without any actual explanation is a bit out of line.

Bob from eurotubes is a cool guy I've also dealt with that knows his stuff but only selling JJ's puts him at a severe handicap as their rectifer tubes are the only ones that I would even think about using. JJ's are ok for those who don't really know much better but once you hear real tubes, you'll realize what I'm talking about. I sold all my JJ's preamp and power tubes long ago. It's the same with any company's tubes like fender, mesa, groove tubes, etc... they're just re labeled generic junk. $9 sovtek 12AX7WA's. nothing more...though the companies who use teh sovtek 12AX7WC's are much more respectable as they're actually really good cheap tubes. I'd take them over a JJ's ECC83's any day.
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I have never bought from there, but have heard nothing but good things! Sorry about the bad transaction man!!
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Dougs Tubes Review

Guys, I dunno what all the bashing of Doug's is but my experience is much different. I ordered 1-EH 12ax7 and 4-Ruby 12ax7 HG's from him for my Mesa Lonestar and they arrived in 3 days, properly packaged, each tube was hand rated (with a sharpie) and when I put em in my Mesa it was like having a better than new amp. The price was reasonable, he took the time to talk to me about why I shd use the EH in my V1 (Phase Inverter) position, and I have nothing to say but excellent things about them. Perhaps one bad review shouldn't muddy up the whole stream here. JMHO
John - Touring Musician from Ohio
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mesa boogie

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