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Peavey 5150 questions

Hey im thinking about buying a 5150 now(I or II), but i was wandering if anyone here could give me a idea how it sounds? Is it good for getting eddie's old tone? And is it good for 80s style lead tones?(ratt, dokken, warrant,whitelion,etc)
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Re: Peavey 5150 questions

i have a 5150II and i love the power .. i can coax a good clean sound out of it .. but i've found i can't really get a really good lead tone out of it ... i play mostly lighter distorted type leads though .. it's awesome for chugging on rhythm .. crank it up and foom ! right in your face it's unbelievable ... i go straight into the amp no effects .. theres no reverb on the amp which sometimes got to me ...

my advice is check out a bootleg from the VHIII tour especially the really good quality hershey show .. to me that is a pretty accurate representation of what the 5150II can do cranked up and played

hope that helps and doesn't confuse you more !
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Re: Peavey 5150 questions

I had one for awhile. I think if you listen to "It's about time" that is dead on 5150II raw tone with no tricks of any kind.
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Re: Peavey 5150 questions

I love my 5150 II. Can't get enough of it.
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I have one of the original block logo 5150 heads and all i can say about it is this: IT ROCKS!!!!!!!
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