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Mother friggin' loads!!!

Don't Thank me!!!


1. AC/DC "Can I sit next to you girl" (Pre-Bon Scott single featuring Dave Evans on lead vocals)

2. AC/DC "Rocking in the Parlor" (Dave Evans on lead vocals again)


1. Angel "You're so cold" (This song never appeared on an Angel album. It was recorded live in Phoenix 1980.)

2. Angel "Chicken soup" (Live)

3. Angel "The Fortune" (Live)

4. Angel "Can you feel it"

5. Angel "On the rocks"

6. Angel "Bad time"

Angel City (a.k.a. The Angels)
Well know in Australia, but best known in the U.S. for Great White's cover of their song "Face the day". I bet a lot of rockers in the U.S. didn't know that "Face the Day" was a cover song. Anyway, "No secrets" was the lead single/video from the "Darkroom" album.

Angel City "No secrets"


1. Anthrax "Auf Wiedersersihen" (Cheap Trick Cover)

2. Anthrax "Cowboy song" (Thin Lizzy cover)

3. Anthrax "Watching you" (Kiss cover)

4. Anthrax "She" (Kiss cover)

5. Anthrax "Remember tomorrow" (Iron Maiden cover)

6. Anthrax "Snap! I'd rather be sleeping"

Arc Angel

Arc Angel "Tragedy" (Mid 80's song that got some MTV airplay)


Autograph "Blondes in Black cars" (Lead single from the Out of Print 2nd album. Hot video as well!)

Autograph "Loud and Clear" (Title track from the 3rd album, which is also Out of Print. The video featured Ozzy and Vince Neil.)

Sebastian Bach

1. Sebastian Bach "Save your love" (Kiss Cover - Japanese Bonus track from the "Spacewalk - A Tribute to Ace Frehley" CD)

Bad 4 Good

Bad 4 Good - Refugee


I posted this song on another thread (Most Haunting song) and if you haven't heard check it out. It's a first person account of a plane crash and death. The song made it to #36 on the Billboard singles chart in 1971, which is quite shocking after you hear the song. These guys also released 6 albums in 3 years (70-72). All of them charted.

Bloodrock "DOA"

Michael Bolton

Michael Bolton - "Fools game" (Yes the same guy! Bolton started out as a rocker! This was a hit for him in the early 80's. You can download it. No one is going to know it's you.)


1. Bonfire "Sword and stone"

Bon Jovi

1. Bon Jovi - "Wedding day" (Non-album track)

2. Bon Jovi "Nothing" (Non-CD track from the "Have a nice day" sessions.

3. Bon Jovi "When she comes" (Non-CD track)

4. Bon Jovi "The End" (Non-CD track)

5. Bon Jovi "Welcome to the good times" (Non-CD track from teh "Crush sessions)

6. Bon Jovi - "Unbreakable" (Bonus track from "Have a nice day")

7. Bon Jovi - "Dirty little secret" (Bonus track from "Have a nice day")

8. Bon Jovi "Drift away" (Live Dobbie Gray classic)

9. Bon Jovi "Stay" (Unreleased track)

10. Bon Jovi "Love is war" (Unreleased track)

11. Bon Jovi "Borderline" (Unreleased track)

12. Bon Jovi "I don't want to live forever" (Unreleased track)

13. Bon Jovi "Postcards from the wasteland" (Unreleased "Bounce" demo that's not on the Target EP.)

14. Bon Jovi "Another reason to believe" (Unreleased "Bounce" demo that's not on the Target EP.)

Live in NYC (2005)

1. Bon Jovi "Have a nice day" (Live)

2. Bon Jovi "Last man standing" (Live)

3. Bon Jovi "The radio saved my life tonight" (Live)

4. Bon Jovi "Who said you can't go home (Live)

5. Bon Jovi "Treat her right" (Live)

Black n Blue

1. Black n Blue "Violent kid" (Killer song that Geffen left of the first album - This is the live version from "One night only live")

Glenn Burknik
(Former Styx member)

Glenn Burtnik "Follow you" (Former member of Styx - Killer song. Video for this song still gets played on VH1 Classic!)

Cheap Trick

1. Cheap Trick "Brontosaurus" (Move cover - B-side of the "Baby Talk" single" - AWESOME SONG!)

2. Cheap Trick "Baby Talk" (Bonus Single that came with the "Cheap Trick" 1997 CD)

3. Cheap Trick "Up the creek" (Hard to find Soundtrack song)


1. "Under my wheels" (Live cover of the Alice Cooper classic)

2. "When Saturday comes" (Non-album track)

3. "World's collide" (Non-album track)

4. "Glad I've alive" (Non-album track Live BBC 1980)

5. Def Leppard "Elected" (Another Alice Cooper live cover)

6. Def Leppard "Immortal' (Non-album studio track)

7. Def Leppard "Wasted" (Live in Japan .. a couple of years ago)

8. Def Leppard "Tomorrow seems like yesterday"

9. Def Leppard "Warchild"

10. Def Leppard "Got to see the lights"

11. Def Leppard "Beyond the temple"

12. Def Leppard "Heat Street" (Early 80's non-album extremely rare!)

13. Def Leppard "Medicine man" (Early 80's live performance of a song with a riff you'll recognize. Ultra-rare!)

14. Def Leppard "Hello America" (Live BBC 1980)

15. Def Leppard "I am your child" (Non-album track) present day Leppard)

16. Def Leppard "Kiss the day" (Non-album track Present day Leppard)
Def Leppard (1979 BBC)

The last four songs are
from their studio session for "The Friday Rock Show".

Track 1 -

Track 2 -

Track 3 -

Track 4 -

Track 5 -

Track 6 -

Track 7 -

Track 8 -

Track 9 -

Track 10 -

Track 11 -


1. Extreme "Americocaine" (Pre-1st album track. Killer song!)

2. Extreme "Play that funky music" (Wild Cherry live cover)

3. Extreme "She's alright" (Pre-1st album - Unreleased)

4. Extreme "Contradiction" (Pre-1st album - Unreleased)

5. Extreme "Strong as you" (Pre-1st album - Unreleased)

6. Extreme "Help" (Beatles cover/ B-side of "Tragic comic" )

7. Extreme "Never been funked" (B-side of "There is no God")

8. Extreme "Mr. Bates" (Unreleased track Pre-first album.)

9. Extreme "Simon sez" (Unreleased track pre-first album)

10. Extreme "Sex n Love" (Unreleased track pre-first album)

11. Extreme "Christmas time again" (Don't let the fact that this is a Christmas song scare you. This is a beautiful song damn it!!!)

12. Extreme "Fairweather faith" ( I think this was the Japanese bonus track for "Waiting for the punchline". If I'm wrong let me know.)

13. Extreme "Monica" (Non-album track)

14. Extreme "Nice place to visit" (This song was a non-album song on Japanese only EP called "Extragraffitti")

15. Extreme "Better off dead" (This song was a non-album bonus track on the "There is No God" UK single)

16. Extreme "When will it rain" (This song was a non-album bonus track on the "Unconditionally" single)

Excellent Soundboard recording of a 1989 show in Houston, Texas. Most of these songs weren't played live after this tour with the exception of "Play with me".

1. Extreme "Wind me up" (Live '89)

2. Extreme "Big boys don't cry" (Live '89)

3. Extreme "Play with me" (Live '89)

4. Extreme "Flesh n Blood" + Guitar solo (Live '89 - Nuno shreds on this one.)

5. Extreme "Little girls" (Live '89)


Here's some pre-1st album songs. I wish the sound quality was better, but it's still listenable for sure.

1. Extreme "She's alright"

2. Extreme "Contradiction"

3. Extreme "Strong as you"

These are B-sides from singles.

4. Extreme "Help" (Beatles cover/ B-side of "Tragic comic" )

5. Extreme "Never been funked" (B-side of "There is no God")


These songs are from the long long long out of print "Take what you want" EP. IMO their best work!

1. Hurricane "Take what you want"

2. Hurricane "The girls are out tonight"

3. Hurricane "Take me in your arms"

4. Hurricane "Hurricane"

5. Hurricane "It's only heaven"

6. Hurricane "Hot & Heavy"

This one is super rare! Good luck finding this one anywhere. Before there was Extreme there was The Dream fronted by Gary Cherone. They put out an indie EP. This was pulled from a vinyl copy. The Dream later changed there name to Extreme when Nuno joined up.

The Dream EP (Gary Cherone)

1. The Dream "See the light"

2. The Dream "Mutha" (Yes, this the original version of the song that was re-recorded for the first Extreme album.)

3. The Dream "Show me your love"

4. The Dream "Say goodbye"

5. The Dream "The mask"

6. The Dream "Why"

Here's four live Nuno Bettencourt songs recorded at Mama Kin's (Boston) in 1997.

1. Nuno Bettencourt "Get the funk out" (Live Extreme cover)

2. Nuno Bettencourt "I wonder" (Live)

3. Nuno Bettencourt " Swollen Princess" (Live)

4. Nuno Bettencourt "Fine by me" (Live)

Face Dancer

Face Dancer "Forever Beach" (98 Rock in Baltimore use to play this song a lot in the early 80's.)

Flash Kahan

Flash Kahan "One at a time" (I saw the video for the song and liked instantly. I think these guys were out of Detriot. One album and gone in the 80's)


After Southgang and before the Marvelous 3, Butch Walker and his friends (the same 2 guys that were in M3) were in a band called The Floyds.

1. The Floyds

2. Floyds Funk Revival "Creamy"


Harlequin - "Thinking of you" (Canadian band from the late 70's and early 80's that had quite a few hits up there.)


Aussie band that featured former AC/DC member Mark Evans.

1. Heaven "Knocking on heaven's door" (This came out before the Guns n Roses version and it much better IMO)

2. Heaven "Where angels fear to tread" (Balls out rocker! There's a video for this one too.)


"Take what you want" EP (Out of print!)

1. Hurricane "Take what you want"

2. Hurricane "The girls are out tonight"

3. Hurricane "Take me in your arms"

4. Hurricane "Hurricane"

5. Hurricane "It's only heaven"

6. Hurricane "Hot & Heavy"


This is an excellent soundboard recording from May 1981 in Japan on the "Killers" tour. I have and will post the entire show (16 tracks). Paul Dianno on lead vocals.

1. Iron Maiden "Wrathchild" (Live '81)

2. Iron Maiden "Puratory" (Live '81)

3. Iron Maiden "Sanctuary" (Live '81)

4. Iron Maiden "Remember tomorrow" (Live '81)

5. Iron Maiden "Another life" (Live '81)

6. Iron Maiden "Genegis Khan" (live '81)

7. Iron Maiden "Killers" (Live '81)

8. Iron Maiden "Innocence Exile" (Live '81)

9. Iron Maiden "Twilight Zone" (Live '81)

10. Iron Maiden "Strange World" (Live '81)

11. Iron Maiden "Murders in the Rue Morgue" (Live '81)

12. Iron Maiden "Phantom of the Opera" (Live '81)

13. Iron Maiden "Iron Maiden" (Live '81)

14. Iron Maiden "Running Free" (Live '81)

15. Iron Maiden "Trasnsylvania" (Live '81)

16. Iron Maiden "Drifter" (Live '81)


Journey "The pride of the family" (Song that didn't make the new CD "Frontiers." It's either Deen or John on vocals. I'm not sure.)

Kick Axe

1. Kick Axe "On the road to rock"

2. Kick Axe "Heavy Metall Shuffle"

3. Kick Axe "The Chain" (Fleetwood Mac cover)

4. Kick Axe "Welcome to the club"

5. Kick Axe "With a little help from my friends" (Excellent Beatles cover)

King's X

1. King's X- "Shot of Love" (Unreleased Acoustic version that appeared on a Promo-only best of called "Building Blox" in 1994.) Great version!!!!


1. Loudness "Speed"

2. Loudness "Crazy Doctor"

3. Loudness "In the mirror"
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Madam X

This was also a major label release that featured Roxy Petrucci (Vixen) and her sister Maxine on guitar. This was also the band that Sebastian Bach later joined replacing Bret Kaiser.

Songs to check out: "High in High School" (Received MTV airplay) (Right click on "Save Target as")

Motley Crue

1. Motley Crue "I'm a liar" (Japanese bonus track from Red White & Crue)

2. Motley Crue - "10,000 miles" (Non-album track from the "Motley Crue" album)

3. Motley Crue "Living in know" (Corabi era)

4. Motley Crue "Rodeo" (Vince era)

New England

1. New England "Don't ever wanna lose ya" (Produced by Paul Stanley - Awesome song that was a Top 40 hit!!!!)

Phantom, Rocker, & Slick

Phantom Rocker Slick "Men without shame"

Pretty Maids

1. Pretty Maids "Hardluck woman" (Kiss Cover - from the "Spooked" CD, which was never released in the U.S.)

2. Pretty Maids "Crazy Horses" (Osmond Brothers cover - That's right I said Osmond Brothers' cover and it's pretty damn good. Japanese bonus track from the "Spooked" CD.)

1. Queensryche "Dirty Lil' secret" (B-side to "Bridge" single/ Non album track)

2. Queensryche "Somelelse will" (B-side to "Bridge" single. This is the full band version that's not on "The promised land" CD.)


1. Ratt "She's got everything" (Demo)

2. Ratt "I'm losing you" (Rare Earth cover)

3. Stephen Pearcy "Whole lotta Rosie" (AC/DC cover)

4. Stephen Pearcy "Toys in the attic" (Aerosmith cover)

Rogue Male

Rogue Male "Dressed Incognito"

Saigon Kick

1. Saigon Kick "Big shot" (Billy Joel cover from the never released in the U.S. CD "Bastards")

2. Saigon Kick "So damn right" (Unreleased Non-album track)

3. Saigon Kick "Not enough" (Unreleased Non-album track)

4. Saigon Kick "Hey Hey Hey" (from Internet only release "Moments from the fringe")

5. Saigon Kick "Homeland" ( Should have been on one of the studio albums. Excellent song.)

After Saigon Kick broke up, Super TransAtlantic was formed by Saigon Kick members Jason & Pete Dembrowski and also featured Extreme bass player Pat Badger. They released 1 CD and broke up. If you like Saigon Kick then you'll probably really like these songs.

1. Super TransAtlantic "Say what you will" (Fantastic Non-album track!)

2. Super TransAtlantic "Dumb"

3. Super TrasAtlantic "Can't stand losing you" (Police cover)

4. Super TransAtlantic "Shuttlecock"

5. Super TransAtlantic "High"

6. Super TransAtlantic "Annastasia" (Non-album track)

7. Super TransAtlantic "Systematic" (Non-album track)

8. Super TransAtlantic "Downtown" (Non-album track)

9. Super TransAtlantic "Unsung" (Non-album track)


1. Scorpions - "Be a lover" (Non-album track)

2. Scorpions - "Daddy's girl" (Beautiful song about a haunting subject. A must listen! Non-album track)

3. Scorpions - "Partners in crime" (Non-album track)

4. Scorpions - "She's knocking at your door" (Non=album track)

5. Scorpions - "Du bist so schmutzig" (All English version that did not appear on "Eye II Eye")

6. Scorpions - "In the flesh" (Live Pink Floyd cover from The Wall concert)

These were all taken from the "Acoustica" CD which was never released in the U.S.

7. Scorpions "Dust in the wind" (Kansas cover)

8. Scorpions "Love of my life" (Queen cover)

9. Scorpions "Drive" (The Cars cover)

Shotgun Messiah

1. Shotgun Messiah "Red Hot" (Live)

2. Shotgun Messiah "53rd & 3rd" (Live Ramones cover)

3. Shotgun Messiah "Heartbreak Blvd" (Live)

4. Shotgun Messiah "Nobody's home" (Live)

5. Shotgun Messiah "Sex Drugs Rock n Roll" (Live)

6. Shotgun Messiah "Liar" (Live Sex Pistols cover)

7. Shotgun Messiah "Search & Destroy" (Live Iggy Pop cover)


These 2 songs are from an album ("Here we go again") that was never released in the U.S. Both songs are in Power Pop vein. Great hooks in both tunes. You'll recognize the second song, because Bowling For Soup covered it and had a hit with it. I like the orignal better.

SR-71 "Axl Rose"

SR-71 "1985"

Stone Fury

Before Lenny Wolf formed Kingdom Come, he fronted a band that released two albums in the States called Stone Fury. The late Randy Castillo was a member of this band at one time. Both albums are long out of print.

1. Stone Fury "Break down the walls" (Great song! There was a video for this song that was played on MTV.)

2. Stone Fury "Life is too lonely" (There was a real cheesy video for this song as well. Randy Castillo appears in this video. The song was good, but the video wasn't.)

3. Stone Fury "Too Late"

4. Stone Fury "Let them talk"

Thin Lizzy

1. Thin Lizzy "Just the two of us" (1979 B-side to "Do any thing you want to" Black Rose era )

2. The Greedies "A Merry Jingle" (Rare 1979! The Greedies were Phil Lynott & Brian Downey from Thin Lizzy and Steve Jones & Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols. This was a one off.)

3. Thin Lizzy "Don't play around" (1980 B-side to "Killer on the loose: Chinatown era)

4. Thin Lizzy "Trouble boys" (1981 single Non-album track)

5. Thin Lizzy "A night in the life of a blues singer" (Non-album track featuring Gary Moore)

The Tories

The Tories "Gladys Kravitz" (This is probably the greatest AOR song you've never heard!!!!! Check it out!)

(John Corabi and Bruce Kulick)

1. Union - "Power to the music" (Live Motley Crue cover)

2. Union - "Jungle" (Live Kiss Cover)

Van Halen
David Lee Roth tried out for Guns n Roses?
This is really funny!!!!

Pre-first albums songs. Roth era 1977! You'll recognize some of the riffs from songs that came later. I kind of figured that a lot people already had these, but for the one's who don't here you go.

1. Van Halen "Vodoo queen"

2. Van Halen "Last night"

3. Van Halen "Get the show on the road"

4. Van Halen "Babe don't leave me alone"

5. Van Halen "Big trouble"

6. Van Halen - "She's the woman"

7. Van Halen - "Put out the lights"

8. Van Halen "That's why I love you" (The song that was left off of VH3)

These are all from the Van Halen 3 tour featuring Gary Cherone. I saw this tour and they were absolutely killer live. This is an excellent soundboard recording from Pittsburgh in 1998. Eddie is rippin' on these songs! See for yourself!

9. Van Halen "Unchained" (Live 1998)

10. Van Halen "Mean Street" (Live 1998)

11. Van Halen "Romeo Delight" (Live 1998)

12. Van Halen "Dance the night away" (Live 1998)

13. Van Halen "Humans being" (Live 1998)

14. Van Halen "Without you" (Live 1998)

15. Van Halen "Fire in the hole" (Live 1998)

16. Van Halen "Somebody get me a doctor" (Live 1998 with Michael Anthony on lead vocals)

17. Van Halen "Ain't talkin' 'bout love" (Live 1998)

18. Van Halen "Panama" (Live 1998 with "Everybody wants some" drum beat intro)

19. Van Halen "Jump" (Live 1998)

20. Van Halen "One I want" (Live)

21. Van Halen "Why can't this be love?" (Live)

22. Van Halen "Year to the day"/ Long Eddie solo (This track clocks in at 16.45, so it will take a little longer to download.)

23. Van Halen "Josephina" (Live)

24. Van Halen "Crossing over" (B-side to "Can't stop loving you" single: Non album track)

Vendetta (Featuring the infamous Nikki Buzz)

This album was released on Epic in 1981.

Songs to check out: "Jet Eye night" and "Babylon Rocks" (Right click on "Save Target as")

White Sister

1. White Sister "Whips" (Written by Punky Meadows from Angel)


Recorded Live in Buffalo in 1993

1. Winger "Heading for a heartbreak" (Live)

2. Winger "Down incognito" (Live)

3. Winger "Easy come easy go" (Live)

4. Winger "Time to surrender" (Live)

5. Winger "Seventeen" (Live)

6. Winger "Madeline" (Live)

7. Winger "Loosen up" (Live)

8. Winger "Junkyard Dog" (Live)

9. Winger "Miles away" (Live)

10. Winger "Saint and Sinner" (Live)
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WOW!!! What a selection! Thanks for sharing these, man, you rock!
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Darn! That's going to take 6 month to download!!

Def Leppard - 1979 BBC
Track 3 - Track 8 have expired due to inactivity!!
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Try 4 years on friggin dial UP....God bless you mate.
One thing that really appeals to me is this idea of music being a living thing that has an evolution that, in a way, enables the artist to sell a process rather than a piece of product.

Peter Gabriel

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awesome maiden.....thanks!!!!!!
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Wow!! Thanks!!
(but I refuse to download the Michael Bolton track. Just can't do it. )
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Cool Van Halen '98 Show?

Thanks so much for all this truly awesome stuff!!! Just an FYI about the Van Halen Pittsburgh '98 show you upped. It is actually Hershey, PA 07/26/98 at the Star Pavilion.
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i did a couple downloads form angel. i forgot about those guys and that punky meadows gave me a woody untill i found out he was a guy
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Thanks, man awesome post.
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Holy sweet f**k! What a post

I just finished the Iron Maiden '81 tracks (what a find to get the complete Maiden Japan gig) See this on e-bay a lot (bastards).

Thanks for the I realize that I have so much more to get from this post.

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Wonderful post, thanks!!!

Originally Posted by Mr. Beasty
Darn! That's going to take 6 month to download!!

Def Leppard - 1979 BBC
Track 3 - Track 8 have expired due to inactivity!!

Check these links then... they are from a thread called "Def Leppard------RARITIES" by "Proob4" from this very own forum...
Def Leppard - 1979 BBC

Def Leppard (1979 BBC)

Track 1 -

Track 2 -

Track 3 -

Track 4 -

Track 5 -

Track 6 -

Track 7 -

Track 8 -

Track 9 -

Track 10 -

Track 11 -

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Thanks dude...
American Pride Burns Inside
:bowdown: GOD Bless America :bowdown:
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This is the most awesome post of the year so far! Very Cool!
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