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Syd Barrett: Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason

Thank you to for this one.
(Posted below are 10 unreleased tracks from a 6 CD fan project. The highlight (for me) is the earliest known version of Interstellar Overdrive (Halloween 1966, demo).
Read the article and enjoy the download!

Beyond Rhyme Nor Reason
[Flux & Reflux 6CD]
By Dave Thompson.
The story, as laid out both in the early accounts of Pink Floyd’s history, and across the first four discs in this collection, is simple. Graduating out of the workaday blues of the King Bees (the first two tracks, best-ever quality renderings of "Lucy Leave" and "I’m A King Bee"), Floyd were in the van on the way home from a gig somewhere, when Barrett started messing around on his guitar, mutating the chords of Love’s "My Little Red Book" and coming up with something else entirely.
The earliest known rendering of "Interstellar Overdrive" dates from Halloween 1966, some six months after the first Love album was released, and already it's changed beyond recognition - a 14-minute instrumental freak-out that was so in keeping with the tides of Psychedelia now lapping around London that, for the next six months, the band barely recorded anything else (fully one third of disc one is consumed by versions). But then "Arnold Layne" gave them their first hit single; "See Emily Play" followed it up, and Piper at the Gates of Dawn confirmed Barrett as the poet laureate of the British underground.
Barrett and Floyd parted ways during the sessions for A Saucerful of Secrets, the Floyd's second album. You can hear the hewing, on the album itself ("Jugband Blues," once described as a self-diagnoses of schizophrenia, but really just a reaction to Waters’ increasingly noodle-packed meanderings) and more especially on bootleg.

The last songs Barrett recorded with the Floyd, "Vegetable Man" and "Scream Thy Last Scream", remain in the official vault, Floyd's office once said, because it wouldn't be doing Syd any favors to let them be released. Booting him out of the band and convincing the world he’d gone insane, on the other hand...

Track 01. Lucy Leave (Oct 65, acetate)
Track 02. I'm A King Bee (Oct 65, acetate)
Track 03. Interstellar Overdrive (Halloween 1966, demo)
Track 04. Arnold Layne (28/1/67, acetate)
Track 05. See Emily Play (23/5/67)
Track 06. Jugband Blues (24/10/67 mono)
Track 07. Vegetable Man (Oct 67, Peter Jenner 1974 mix)
Track 08. Scream Thy Last Scream (7/8/67, Peter Jenner 1974 mix)
Track 09. Octopus (6/6/70, Olympia London)
Track 10. Terrapin (6/6/70, Olympia London)
Almost 1900 lossless bootlegs here:

God Bless,
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hello itsjustme1

its much much apreciated ...

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Hello itsjustme, do you have the fan project of Syd??
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Thanks for the music & the story!
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RIP Syd Barrett!!!
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interstellar overdrive, pink floyd, syd barrett

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