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Jerry Garcia with California Brothers-NYC,NY-April 6,1987 AUD

Jerry Garcia w/ California Bros.
Lone Star Cafe
New York, NY
April 6, 1987

1. tuning [1:47]
2. Teardrops In My Eyes [3:00] [0:38]
3. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke [4:04] [1:43]
4. Drink Up and Go Home [3:46] [1:23]
5. Rosalie McFall [3:27] [0:41]
6. Mind Your Own Business * [5:57] [0:39]

David Nelson: acoustic guitar, vocals
Sandy Rothman: banjo, vocals
Peter Albin: electric bass
Spencer Dryden: drums
(guest) Tom Bekeny: mandolin, fiddle
(guest) Jerry Garcia: electric guitar, vocals
* (guest) Sean Grissom: electric cello

Sandy's recollection:
"Jerry came in -- it was my understanding that it was after a GD show. He sat
up in the balcony with a couple of ladies and listened to probably about
half of our last set. (He had a Black Russian in front of him, a drink he
would frequently order and not always finish.) I'd been up there talking
with them before the set; he said he'd come up and play. When we called him
up, somebody produced a guitar, a Stratocaster (I think there was an amp
already on the stage), and he came up and played the rest of that set with
us. A bluegrass picker from the Bay Area who was going to NYU at the time,
Tom Bekeny, also sat in (for all or part of the night), playing mandolin and
some fiddle. Sean jammed with us on the last song; whether he'd played a solo
set earlier, I don't recall. I'm pretty sure the original tape was made by the
Lone Star's bartender, name unknown, who held up a small cassette deck as soon
as he saw Garcia was going to play."
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Many thanks for the kind tunes.
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jerry garcia

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