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Mark Knopfler 2019-07-02, Stuttgart, Germany

Mark Knopfler 2019-07-02, Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany

Source: Schoeps MK6 (cardioid) > Schoeps KC actives > Naiant tinybox > Sony PCM-A10
Mic Config: DIN-A (90, 17cm)
Location: 9th row, DFC
Transfer: Master WAVs > dEdit > FLAC V1.3.2
Editing: Digital editing in Apple Logic Pro X V10.3.1
EQ, compression and volume boost using iZotope Ozone7 V7.0.1299
Fades in Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor V1.5.7
Dithering: MBIT+

Disc 1:
01 (Intro)
02 Why Aye Man
03 Corned Beef City
04 Sailing to Philadelphia
05 Once Upon a Time in the West
06 Romeo and Juliet
07 My Bacon Roll
08 Matchstick Man
09 (Band Introductions)
10 Done with Bonaparte

Disc 2:
01 Heart Full of Holes
02 Your Latest Trick
03 Postcards From Paraguay
04 On Every Street
05 > Speedway at Nazareth
06 (Encore Break #1)
07 Money for Nothing
08 (Encore Break #2)
09 Piper to the End
10 (Encore Break #3)
11 Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero

Link FLAC - Part1

Link FLAC - Part2

Link FLAC - Part1 - Mirror

Link FLAC - Part2 - Mirror
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