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Robyn Hitchcock - 1986-04-13 - Tuebingen, DE (AUD/FLAC)

Robyn Hitchcock - 1986-04-13 - Tuebingen, DE
(Audience FLAC)

Rec. Info:
unknown equipment / unknown microfon

Master cassette maxell XL II ->played back on nakamichi cr7e (azimuth aligned)-->edirol 04-->HD- level corrections audacity--tracked in cdwave--flac(8)

01 Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl
02 The Cars She Used To Drive
03 The Acid Bird
04 Lady Waters & the Hooded One
05 My Wife And My Dead Wife
06 The Man With The Lightbulb Head
07 I Often Dream of Trains
08 Sounds Great When You're Dead
09 Bass
10 The Fly
11 Egyptian Cream
12 Kingdom Of Love
13 Brenda's Iron Sledge
14 Heaven
15 - encore-
16 Uncorrected Personality Traits (a cappella)
17 Listening To The Higsons
18 -encore 2-
19 Leppo And The Jooves

TT 74:57

the speed between the two master recordings is different...despite the fact that this source provides the uncut track 12 (adding about 30 secs) it only runs some 3 seconds longer.. go figure!




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