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  1. Bootleg Requests
    Been looking for this show for a while but couldn't find it. Could someone be kind enough to post this show? Please and thanks alot!!
  2. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    The Mentors 7th Street Entry Minneapolis, MN October 15, 1992 8 or 9/10 Lineup: El Duce- Drums & Vocals Sickie Wifebeater- Guitar Dr. Heathen Scum- Bass Insect On Acid- Backing Vocals The first time I saw the Mentors was in 1991 at the same venue- the 7th Street Entry- Which is a side room to...
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    I imagine this has been covered long ago, but can someone tell me what bootleg compilation includes the original performance including the extra verse? Per popular culture: "Purple Rain was recorded in 1983 at the First Ave show (3 August 1983) ... including a long intro and an extra verse" peas.
1-3 of 3 Results