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    This song is built on a consistent rhythmic backing and my keyboard arpeggios to which I have added some effects. I think the result is effective, forceful and the lyric of the story is interesting. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas to all I look...
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    This story is hard, it is generally a taboo subject but why not talk about it and see it differently. There are countries where they contemplate another way of doing these things and that is fine ... What do you think? The woman that became invisible
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    Limbo, that place full of nothing in which it is easy to get lost The train was going fast leaving the night behind and the rhythm of its sound awoke sleepy echoes on the walls of that limbo the train was going fast leaving its lament behind and I devoured time...
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    The Moth - A strange story "Like the moth against the light that seems a refuge…" We hope you will enjoy this rare song/story/video Regards His movement was continuous for him everything was a moment and more than living he was burning with the strength of...
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    So simple but so deep! Thanks!!!:wavey:
1-5 of 5 Results