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  1. Bootleg Requests
    I'm highly in search of a full soundboard recording of this show. Definitely one of my most-wanted Tina shows! I hope someone can help! Not looking for the bootleg out there that is sometime mislabeled as a radio broadcast, but the actual soundboard.
  2. Bootleg Requests
    I’m looking for soundboard recordings of Cher’s Love Hurts Tour from 1991-92. Hope someone can help!
  3. Bootleg Requests
    Anyone haves this entire file in original quality? Also need the Tennis Center - Rome 2004 mp3 recording (sounds too bad) I'm avaliable for trades, like this original MKV file, includes: What You Want Going Under The Other Side My Last Breath Made Of Stone Lost In Paradise My Heart...
  4. Bootleg Requests
    I'm looking for Ike & Tina Turner concerts in either audio or video from the following months and years: -1967 (June-December) -1968 (January-October) -1969 (June-December) -1970 (January-December) -1971 (May-October) -1972 (March-December) -1973 (January-November) -1974 (March-May) (I have the...
  5. Bootleg Requests
    I'm looking for shows in audio of Cher's Vegas residency from May 6-October 1, 2008.
  6. Bootleg Requests
    Does anybody have this full concert in audio?? This is the opening night of Cher's Dressed To Kill Tour.
  7. Bootleg Requests
    I'm looking for the following dates from the tour in either audio or video: -March 4-5, 1987, Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany -March 6-7, 1987, Frankenhalle, Nuremberg, Germany -March 8-10, 1987, Deutschlandhalle, West Berlin, Germany -March 12-16, 1987, Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany -March...
  8. Bootleg Requests
    I am looking to find some rare Mariah Carey concerts. Mainly from the 2000s but anything will be fine.
  9. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    I am looking to find some rare Mariah Carey concerts. Mainly from the 2000s but anything will be fine.
  10. Bootleg Requests
    Looking for any lossless audio shows missing from this list, any help would be greatly appreciated!! 1987-08-30 Minneapolis, MN 1987-09-08 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1987-10-04 Newcastle, England 1987-10-05 Nottingham, England 1987-10-07 Bristol, England 1987-10-08 London, England 1988-03-17...
  11. Bootleg Requests
    I run 2 Facebook Bootleg groups, One for Video and one for Audio, We share daily and have Filmers, Editors and even Cover art designers in the groups that help out a lot. Right now its mostly Kiss stuff but we are wanting all Rock & Metal to be posted there too. We use Dropbox, Google Drive...
  12. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    July 13, 1968 Mythology (Queens Hotel, Silloth, UK) November 16, 1969 Rugman's Youth Club, Whitesands, Dumfries, Scotland, UK - raw transfer 0/0/1970 Radio ad for the 1st album April 26, 1970 John Peel's "Sunday Show", BBC, London, UK April 29, 1970 Electric Circus, Lausanne, Switzerland May...
  13. Bootleg Requests
    Hey folks! I'm looking for any live DVD or CD bootleg from '79-'84 period. I Found 2 or 3 threads about it here, but without response or dead... so 'im creating a new one. please help! Thank You, Fernando.
  14. Bootleg Requests
    Hello, I am in seach of any Dwight Twilley Live recordings, seem to be very rare. greetings :)
  15. Bootleg Requests
    Hi, are there any live recordings by dwight Twilley out there, audio or video? greetings Mithos
  16. Bootleg Requests
    Does anyone have any of these to post,or know where to find them?I have searched high and low with no success.TIA
  17. Bootleg Requests
    Hi, I've seen the video floating around for Cornell's 2007 Buenos Aires show, but I'm specifically interested in the audio. Can anyone help out?
1-18 of 37 Results