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  1. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Looking for an experienced guitarist who able to figure out parts by-ear in the original tracks, play and record acoustic/electric/bass guitars for a professional backing tracks on a regular basis. Fee is £20-30 per song. UK bank transfer preferred. Payments usually comes once per week. We need...
  2. MP4 Videos
    An acoustic backing track in A and D dedicated to a small bear For the first time - Acoustic backing track in A and D For the first time - Acoustic song Best Regards
  3. Lessons and Tab
    Collection of 23 Unplugged Backing Tracks Best Regards
  4. Member Created Backing Tracks
    New!! - Acoustic Unplugged - Guitar Backing Tracks New!! - Blues Rock - Guitar Backing Tracks New!! - Flamenco Fusion - Guitar Backing Tracks...
  5. MP4 Videos
    Acoustic Beach - Chords: F#m / Am - Jam Guitar + Backing Track Acoustic Beach - Guitar Backing Track in E key and G key - Chords: F#m Am Marcus Nalgaber - Acoustic Beach - Spanish Guitar Improvisation - F#m Am...
  6. MP4 Videos
  7. MP4 Videos
    14 Pop Backing Tracks and 14 Songs on these Pop Backing Tracks IN THIS LIST ARE OUR POP BACKING TRACKS ACOUSTIC POP BACKING TRACK (P1) 120 Bpm / G Key ACOUSTIC GUITAR SOLO on...
  8. MP4 Videos
    Onacarom Backing Track (1) Techno Rock/130 bpm/G Key/Dorian Mode/A B C D E F# G "GUITAR SOLO" about Backing Track (1) Modern Rock Style Onacarom Backing Track (2) Rock Ballad/130 bpm/G Key/Dorian Mode/A...
  9. Lessons and Tab
    Hi! I have done some free lessons with tabs/notation, analysis, backing tracks. If you are interested you can check them out! Kindest, Mikko :wavey:
  10. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Hi guys, I thought I'd share some backing tracks here that are super handy for improving your time feel... they were originally intended for drums, but I've just realised how good practice this is without the crutch of the drums... kinda like playing a studio recording session or a Broadway...
  11. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Most of you guys have probably already seen this, but for those of you that haven't... BluesMasters
  12. Music Hall
    Where do i find multitracks a can use to back me up during my gigs. I play alone so i need backing i like to do that by using multitrack so i can make my one backing wheter i am playing bas, guitar or keyboard who can help me
  13. Lessons and Tab
    I have created 15 minute long backing tracks in various keys and tempos all real instruments played by real midi files.
  14. The Guitar Rack LOOK INSIDE THE eBOOK: 299 Guitar Licks + 10 Backing Tracks! 133 pages full of Guitar Licks, divided into 11 scales and 11 chapters. Including 10 high quality Backing Tracks! Trailer...
  15. Reference
    check it out
  16. Requests
    I need BT to Coming Home (Cinderella) & I used to love her (GN'R) I have tons of backing tracks... looking to trade or whatever. Any help?
  17. Requests
    hi everyone.. I was wondering if someone has the backingtrack of mr crowley that ozielziho uses in youtube?? please help me to find this one... I had it once but I lost it.. thanks in advance
1-17 of 28 Results