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  1. MP4 Videos
    Recycled Turtles - Blues Guitar Solo in G + Backing Track Recycled Turtles - Blues Guitar Solo in G Recycled Turtles -Blues in G - BT Best regards
  2. Requests
    Hey guys! This is my first post here. And I'll start right away with a request. I'm searching for the Canon Rock backingtrack in good quality. I've only got a shity sounding mp3 from youtube, and that hearts my ears evertime I hear it. Hope somebody can help me out! Merry Christmas to...
  3. Elvis Bootlegs
    Does anyone own a copy of this? I'm willing to trade!
  4. Requests
    hey guys. Just requesting a backing track for paca de lucia's tico tico.
  5. Requests
    Hi Guitariosiosos Can Anybody Get A Good Quality Backing For Johnny And Mary? No Vox ? That Would Be Mega, Ta.
  6. Requests
    Hi guys, I'm a singer, and was wondering if anyone knew of any sites that had full instrumental backing tracks for vocalists? I'm talking more obscure stuff. I love The Who for example, but am looking for backing tracks for songs like "Tattoo", "Let's See Action", "Relay" etc, not the really...
  7. Requests
    Does anyone have a backing track for Jimi Hendrix - Hear my train a comin' (electric)? I have been searching across the internet for it for a while and have not found anything. If anyone can post it or link me that would be greatly appreciated. Any version would be fine; Live at the Fillmore...
  8. Requests
    I don't know if anyone can do this but I'm looking a backing track of Forever by KISS with out the vocal and lead guitar
  9. Home Recording
    Here's one for you! I am looking to put on a charity event in a few months but I need help. I need to remove backing from a video/dvd to leave only vocals. If if I cannot remove them is there a way I can reduce them significantly without ruining the vocals? I am putting on a 'concert' with...
  10. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Hey look so many people have asked me for backing tracks and i have found my inbox stuffed full with requests. I am afraid i have one hell of a full life at the moment and things have been hectic to say the least. What with my Gibson SG neck snapping, Speakers Blown and more work than i can...
  11. The Guitar Rack
    Hey guys I was recording a instructional video for my website regarding modes, and i wanted to come up with a sentence so that's easy to remember the list ... this is wat i came up with If Deep Purple Liked Madonna A Lot Ionian-Dorian-Phrygian-Lydian-Mixolydian-Aeolian-Locrian you can find...
  12. Requests
    Hello all, i really need a decent mp3 backing track of reelin in the yrs by steely dan. A high quality one would ""reely" help as ive got to play it at wedding! im prepared to trade etc as I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED ONE !!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Requests
    but i can't find any backing track ! i want a slow one like a ballad,but on the net there are only metalish backing tracks,i m new with the scale so i want to start slowly to get ir right anyone ?
  14. Member Created Backing Tracks
    First of... Hi everyone, I'm new here on G101. Can anyone do me the favor of doing or putting up a BT for VR's SuperHuman (no guitar). It would be really helpful. Cheers Peace :afro:
  15. Requests
    hello all I would like a bt for Santana Waiting. Much appreciated
  16. Requests
    Hello all, im in need of an in the court of the crimson king backing track, including the return of the firewitch solo flute part (but without the flute itself as i want to play this part on guitar using my synth). If anyone can help i shall reward them greatly. Thanks!1
  17. Requests
    Hello out there! has anyone got/can make me a mr sandman bt with rhythm guitar, bass and drums? much appreciated! p.s ive got tons of bts to trade and i will be more than willing to do so if someone could get me this bt... thanks Peace~
  18. The Guitar Rack
    Hello folks :), I am looking everywhere to find that BT for THE RAIN SONG by Led Zeppelin. There is a thread here regarding that topic but it seems to be down. I am looking fot that track where the guitar is erased so that I can play it. Please! Can some body help be? Who's got that track? I...
  19. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Hi have you got a rolling stones sympathy for the devil backing track, ill be very grateful and have tons to trade. Peace~
  20. Requests
    How goes it everyone? I've been looking for these Backing Tracks for a while now and some I found but they're like karaoke versions only, I need them without the guitar part. If anyone can make them or point me in the right direction for them I would really appreciate it. I've already visited...
1-20 of 20 Results