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  1. The Jam Room
    Hey guys, I'm new here, for the past few months I've been creating jam tracks. I want to share them with you all. let me know what you think and if you enjoy playing over them. I'm trying to put up a new track each week. Any feedback about the tracks is very useful for me in the creation of...
  2. Requests
    I was wondering if anyone had a backingtrack for Nazareth's Hair of the dog. I have run several search and can't find anything. Also googling only turns up love hearts.
  3. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Aerosmith - Lord of the Thighs from MIDI I discovered. Applied a decent drum Soundfont, VB-1 + Dual amp sim, 5Front Piano, and Electric Guitar SF that follows the bass intro. Didn't spend much time on it, but given the circumstances, a quickly done BT to jam to
1-3 of 3 Results