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  1. Music Hall
    There is one person, a personal friend of mine, barely if remotely known to the public, vastly private, of whom is a collaborator of mine, our song "Freedom" became a focal point to Bruce's "Devils & Dust". Audrey, is the only living person to move me to an absolute uncontrollable, body quaking...
  2. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Luis Miguel Aries Tour February 21st, 1994 Quinta Vergara Amphitheater (Viña del Mar Festival) Viña del Mar, Chile Soundboard recording (TV Broadcast) Rating: A Band Luis Miguel - lead vocals Kiko Cibrian - musical director, guitar Lalo Carrillo - bass Victor Loyo - drums Francisco Loyo -...
  3. MP4 Videos
    The little boats of hope - Nostalgic Ballad Best Regards
  4. MP4 Videos
    The Serenade of the Three Moons - Jam Guitar Improvisation by Marcus Nalgaber :devilchil
  5. MP4 Videos
    The never-ending curve :dance:
  6. MP4 Videos
    It is a pity! The words of this song are so... Special :sssh:?
  7. MP3s - Originals
    Hey there, thought I would share this one with you. One of the best songs we wrote back in the 90's, unfortunately it is live and I had to struggle back then with keeping the rhythm guitar AND the voice working at the same time. When I made this video, I added an Intro to present the band, so...
  8. The Jam Room
    Hey guys, I'm new here, for the past few months I've been creating jam tracks. I want to share them with you all. let me know what you think and if you enjoy playing over them. I'm trying to put up a new track each week. Any feedback about the tracks is very useful for me in the creation of...
  9. Member Created Backing Tracks
    Hi! I'm new on this forum and I wanted to share one of my greatest backing tracks! :D hope you all like it and feel free to jam on it or use it for any purpose :)
  10. MP3s - Originals
    Hi everyone, this is an idea I've been working out in Cm. Check it out, any thoughts and criticism would be appreciated!
1-10 of 11 Results