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bass amp

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    The VX3500 combo combines the best selling classic Hartke 3500 amp with a killer Hartke speaker cabinet loaded with four 10" Hartke VX speakers and a high frequency driver. The VX3500 provides 350 watts of power to the built-in 2-way bass speaker system. With that kind of power and Hartke's...
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    H/H 4 x 12 Guitar / Bass Speaker Cab - Straight front with new metal speaker grills. Cab has been refitted with Celestion G12T-75W 16 OhmSpeakers - As used in many Marshall cabs! One of the best selling speakers of all time, it has a wide frequency range and excellent sensitivity. Emphasis is...
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    Hello All, I am selling my 3 amps and They are barely used like brand new condition. The only problem I have that I am not currently in the states but these amps in Connecticut. These amps stayed at US because I couldn't pass them through customs. They ask for some Euro certification which was...