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blackburn rovers

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    I'm getting fairly obsessed with these guys at the moment. I just bought Thunder and Lightening and Chinatown, both are great albums. Which albums should I go from here (I have Jailbreak aswell)?
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    :lol: I only wanted to start a thread about ****nal because everytime you mention ****nal then the no-naughty-words "intelligent" filter ****s out the "****" part in ****nal !!! :lol: Although with ****nal hammering Aston Villa 5-0, it means that ****nal are in the strongest position at the...
  3. The Lounge
    Has anyone seen this yet ? I have been fucking around with this all day. If yer fuckin' bored, type in BB2 3LX (where I used to live) and then scroll down to see how close I was to the football ground !!! :peppersda No wonder I became addicted to Blackburn Rovers ...
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    :woot: I cannot wait until tomorrow. :dance: The Premiership is back !!! :woot: My bets are for Fulham, Sunderland and Portsmouth (sorry Porty) to go down this time. Confidence is sky high amongst the Blackburn camp, after an unbeaten pre-season and I just cannot wait until 3pm...
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    the sweetness of beating Southampton, our most bitter rivals, 4-1 is just sooo good. Harry Redknapp, our ex manager, defected to Southamton or "scum" as we like to call them and whilst he looked like he was getting them out of trouble Portsmouth started freefalling towards the bottom of the...
  6. MP3s - Originals
    As most of you know, I spent the weekend in Cardiff watching my team finally bow out of the F.A. Cup. Well, it's bad enough watching them lose 3-0, but to have to witness it in Wales as well... And have to pay for the "privilige" to enter the country... Anyway, I'm getting off track. I...
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    What ? : One of the most significant games for Blackburn Rovers this season, and the first time that Blackburn Rovers has featured in the semi-final of the F.A. Cup for 60 years... Where ? : Unfortunately, it does mean a trip to Wales, as the game will be played at Cardiff's Millennium...
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    Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers Newcastle United v Manchester United Arse ! :wutblau:
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    ok chaps 1st march 8.00 pm gmt We are gonna blow blackburn rovers away in the 5th round of the Fa Cup. for a totally impartial match report go to and click listen online. see the build up here click
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    :thumb: hail mourinho!!!!! :thumb: With regard to Ferguson, Mourinho said: "He can play mind games alone or with other managers, but not with me. "I don't see Chelsea having a blip. I can see us losing one game. "I can see that. I can see Chelsea lose a game any day, any game. "But I...
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    I CAN`T WAIT FOR CHELSEA TO BEAT ARSENAL AND CLAIM THE QUADRUPLE HAHAHA HAIL MOURINHO!!! Mourinho's response was somewhat sarcastic as he declared: "It's a big surprise to me, I can tell you. When Thierry Henry signed for Arsenal, was he free? "Or when Patrick Vieira came here, was it on...
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    As unfortunately, our Premiership fixture list takes a break in order to allow for the heavy International Fixture list, there's some great home ties this weekend !!! Not least of all is England vs Wales, kick off 3 p.m. As usual, this fixture throws up some interesting statistics once again...
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    Ok fans why do you think VH has not made a video for one of their new songs?
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    C'mon Boro!..European glory awaits us!!....Good luck Boro..I'll be there!!...Mac
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    Newcastle United 2 - 0 <font color="blue">Blackburn Rovers</font>
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    ARSE !!! ARSE !!! What a complete Melon Farmer !!! Gerrard Houllier ???
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    :p Hi there, Does anyone want to take part in the bbc fantasy football competition this season ? That is, as in Soccer ? BBC Fantasy Football We have done it here at work a few times, and I actually got up to number 35 at one point. We can't register until the 17th August, and the season...
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    why is the worlds greatest sport = soccer is not a hit in the US? i`m wondering
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    Guys, I don't want to see my side relegated this season. They're playing a bit pants at the moment. They really do mean a lot to me. Like your American Football, baseball teams, etc. Anyway, at 3 p.m., UK time, I need to call on you to try and send over some positive mental support to The...
  20. The Guitar Rack
    Got this as an early birthday present (not allowed to open Videos of the beast just yet)... Anyway. This DVD is great. You might not like the album, but there's no doubting the quality of the musicianship on here. Richie is an incredbly talented guitarist. He plays slide, a ukelele, and...