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  1. Music Hall
    I'm getting fairly obsessed with these guys at the moment. I just bought Thunder and Lightening and Chinatown, both are great albums. Which albums should I go from here (I have Jailbreak aswell)?
  2. MP3s - Originals
    As most of you know, I spent the weekend in Cardiff watching my team finally bow out of the F.A. Cup. Well, it's bad enough watching them lose 3-0, but to have to witness it in Wales as well... And have to pay for the "privilige" to enter the country... Anyway, I'm getting off track. I...
  3. Music Hall
    Ok fans why do you think VH has not made a video for one of their new songs?
  4. The Guitar Rack
    Got this as an early birthday present (not allowed to open Videos of the beast just yet)... Anyway. This DVD is great. You might not like the album, but there's no doubting the quality of the musicianship on here. Richie is an incredbly talented guitarist. He plays slide, a ukelele, and...
1-4 of 24 Results