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  1. Music Hall
    Check out the Review of the amazing Planet Rock 'Planet Rocktober Concert' headlined by Walter Trout and also featured Kris Barras Band, Dan Patlansky & Rebecca Downes that took place at O2 Academy Sheffield on Saturday October 12th, 2019 and now on Metalliville Zine...
  2. The Guitar Rack
    Check Out The Interview with Blues Rock Legend, 'Gwyn Ashton' that is now on Metalliville Zine!
  3. Lessons and Tab
    Blues Dorian Hexatonic Scale C C# D# E G A Blues Extended Scale C D# E F F# G A A# Blues Half Diminished Scale C C# D# E F# G A A# Blues Heptatonic Scale C D Eb F...
  4. MP4 Videos
    Hi everyone !!, I want to share with you this easy, but fun fingerpicking with my Seagull (all solid)....I have this guitar from one year, and I love it :-)) Hope you like it.
  5. Bootleg Requests
    Anyone have Leslie West bootleg concerts? Checked a couple on here but links don't work.:doh: Thank you in advance!!
  6. MP3s - Originals
  7. MP3s - Originals
  8. The Guitar Rack
    Hi Everyone, It is great to be a member! As some of you know, I've been working with some Academy Award winning guys over the last 8 months on an app for the iPad called, "On the Music Path." The app offers interactive, one-on-one lessons from some really great musicians, including Jackson...
  9. MP3s - Originals
    "The Night Is Almost Gone" The rain keeps fallin' and the leaves are on the ground her heart keep callin' but he can't hear the sound the wind is blowin' a message through the air come away with me and leave all your cares hold on to me baby...
  10. MP3s - Originals
    "Lester Cries The Blues" 2007 Les Paul '58 VOS, Marshall JMP 2204 and Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 were used in this recording. 2009 Frank Axtell All Rights Reserved.
  11. MP3s - Originals
    A new blues tune called "But I Don't Have You". It features my new Gibson Les Paul 1958 VOS into the Marshall SIlver Jubilee 2555 half stack. prescription cigarettes and micro brew got my creature comforts but I don't have you drivin' to the hotel...
  12. Bootleg Requests
    Hello everyone, I need links to download albums for John sykes, especially the live ones with Blue Murder, thanks alot Rock On
  13. MP3s - Originals
    Here is a video clip of me performing Wayne Shorters "Footptints" with the Frank Axtell Quartet at the West Palm Beach, FL "Sunfest" 2005. Frank Axtell/guitar Randy Ward/bass Lewis Rainbow/drums Jackson Bunn/keyboards
1-13 of 13 Results