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  1. Bootleg Requests
    Couldn't find this on here, so requesting for someone to get it from DIME and repost on here :) DIME link: :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r495 :: Login
  2. Bootleg Requests
    Hi everybody. I'm looking for a Soft Machine live bootleg too hard to find (at least to me). It's concert from 17 January, 1970 at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, quintet line-up. There's exist two source, Audience and FM. I tried to searched the Full concert for a lot, and just found extracts...
  3. Bootleg Requests
    Is it allowed for a newbie to have e request? I'm looking for: HIGH HOPES 2014 BOX. 17CD deluxe edition. 181 different songs and a total of 211 songs on 17 CDs. Limited and numbered edition of 300 copies only...
  4. Bootleg Requests
    Hey there, looking for the following Police bootleg, audio or video: The Police - Dallas, Texas, March 23, 1982 Reunion Arena
  5. Bootleg Requests
    someone has the concert of johnny cash in the wembley arena of 1979
  6. Bootleg Requests
    Hello all, I would like to complete my collection of live on Nik Kershaw. And i research any bootleg from Nik Kershaw (except of course the bootlegs already uploaded in this forum) In advence thank you for your help and your contribution. cordially, Regis
  7. Bootleg Requests
    Hi. I would like to know if someone could upload this show. There is a bootleg called "Come on now". Thanks in advance!
  8. Elvis Bootlegs
    Does anyone possibly have the following title they'd be willing to upload or send privately? Elvis Presley - Especially For You Publisher: His Master Voice Reference :DLP 1161 Date :1995 Thanks in advance! Keith
  9. Bootleg Requests
    There was a post a while ago with the Bill Frisell 8.31.12 show but the link is no longer valid. I have seen some youtube clips of this show and it is mond melting. The interplay between him and Greg Leisz is telepathic. Anybody have a good recording of this? Have lots to trade of course... Brando
  10. Bootleg Requests
    I've seen/heard rumors about these concerts circulating, can anybody help me out on this?
  11. Bootleg Requests
    Does anyone know if this Kiss concert from 1974-10-31 Agora Ballroom Columbus OH has been recorded, and where I can find it.
  12. Bootleg Requests
    Hello. IM for former musician for Albert King, I was with him for around 2 years and the years IF I remember correctly was somewhere between 1988-89ish . Im looking for recordings made in those years......most of the sounds companies did record us but I have not been able to finds those...
  13. Bootleg Requests
    Hi Has anyone got this boot by robert plant,been after it for a while.Link to the original posting of this boot no longer works.Would be very grateful to anyone who can supply me with this boot. Thank You hawklight
  14. Bootleg Requests
    Looking for the July 13th 1996 Dallas,Texas show
  15. Bootleg Requests
    I'm trying to find more Frank Sinatra bootlegs on this site. The bootlegs I'm searching for are: Philadelphia Spectrum (August 3, 1968) Nassau Coliseum (April 9 and 10, 1974) Philadelphia Spectrum (April 21, 1974) Washington Capitol Centre (April 24, 1974) Chicago Stadium (April 27, 1974)...
  16. Bootleg Requests
    hi guy's im lookin for Paul Stanley one live kiss in audio format. can somebody help me please? thanks
  17. Bootleg Requests
    does anybody here have PAUL STANLEY ONE LIVE KISS ON AUDIO? thanks in advance
  18. Bootleg Requests
    Has anyone run across Springsteen's 3 CD "Born In Buffalo", 11.22.09? Please advise via return message.
  19. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hello can you tell me where can I find these cds or download links? Just a question Do you have these two albums below? thanks, bluerose America's Own Vol 2 Recorded live at Nassau Coliseum. July 19, 1975 (8.30 pm) Uniondale, New York 2001 / C.C. Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Big Boss...
1-19 of 22 Results