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  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    1982-12-12 N.E.C. Birmingham, UK One from 82 with Brad Gillis Link:
  2. Requests
    hi..I need a backing track for Purple Rain by John Petrucci ft. Al Pitrelli, Andy Timmons, Brad Gillis so it's a song played by various artists, not just by John , and it lasts 9 min ans 13 sec thanks
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Ozzy Osbourne recorded live at The Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, TN 4-28-82 Band Line-up Ozzy......................vocals Brad Gillis...............guitar Rudy Sarzo.............bass Tommy Aldridge.......drums Don Airey................keyboards Track List 01 - Over The Mountain (4:26) 02 -...
  4. Music Hall
    Man, ZZTop sucked big time last night at Rock Honors. Its like they've forgotten how to play and don't care anymore if they play sloppy, out of time, and the riffs and solos just weren't played well. All other honorees sounded great, especially Heart & Ozzy.:thumb: One thing that did bother...
  5. Music Hall
    I like it a lot, I got some limited pre-ordered bullshit thing and the package is nasty. I guess the reason why it's limited edition is because no one is dumb enough to buy it (It came with two ozzfest tickets, but I will be unable to attend any shows):laff:. It's really good, a lot heavier...
  6. Music Hall
    Ozzy's new album is due out in June. You can hear some bone-crushing samples if you follow this link: Zakk (who else) is on the guitar. The rest of the band is his Ozzfest lineup. Discuss it below:
  7. Music Hall
    I've been reading this book and I can't recomend it enough to other guitarist and music fans out there. For those who don't know the book was based on a journal kept by Rudy Sarzo during his time with Ozzy and Randy during 81-82 when he was they were on the road supporting Blizzard and Diary...
  8. Bootleg Requests
    This is an Ozzy bootleg from 1982 shortly after Randy's death, and before Jake E. Lee. Brad Gillis is the guitarist ( so sue me ). It was a King Biscuit Flour Hour broadcast. I had taped it, and of course, that is long gone. I wore it out. Don't confuse this with "the ozzman cometh". I got that...
  9. Bootleg Requests
    Don't flame me here.........I was looking for the Ozzy-King Biscuit Flower Hour with Brad Gillis, Donny Airey, Tommy Aldridge, and Rudy Sarzo. I know it's not Rhodes playing guitar, but I had this on cassette through high school, and literally wore it out!! I thought that Gillis did a...
  10. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    madison square gardens.this is the show randy really was looking forward to playing(who wouldn't be).too bad for all of us he didn't but a cool show anyway.
  11. Music Hall
    Hey y'all.. Just wanted to let you guys know that HFT will be in Nor Cal and Hawaii this month and we are very excited about the trip! We also have Brad Gillis (Ozzy/Night Ranger) sitting in with us for the Sacramento show... If you know anybody in these areas...please let 'em know...
  12. The Guitar Rack
    I was thinking of replaceing my Orig Floyd on my 84 Kramer focus 3000 with a cheaper Licensed Floyd, the reason is my old one is really worn and it would cost about 90 bucks or more to restore it, the bridge saddles are corroding and i really dont wanna spend a ton of cash cause i'm replaceing a...
1-13 of 48 Results