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  1. Bootleg Requests
    After anything from the Glasgow Growler Audio or Video. All links seem to be dead ? In particular I am after the video of a gig that appears on youtube he played at the Mean Fidler in 1992 with Simon Kirke on drums and Brian Robbo Robertson on guitar. Thanks in advance
  2. Bootleg Requests
    Anyone that could post the newly released japanese bootleg with Wild Horses? It's called Heavy Ride and is from Japan 1980. Thanks in advance, Sören
  3. Music Hall
    Hey cool rockers! Just wanted to let you know, those who are fans of Leif Sundin or simply country blues rock/southern rock music, he has released his first 6 track EP under the band name House of Leaf. The EP is titled "Wrongs to Right" a track that features on the EP. The full debut album is...
  4. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Here are a few shows from the second half of the Iron Fist tour when Brian Robertson came on board. Not so good on quality but they will appeal to fans of this shortly lived era. Motorhead Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA 6/1/82 (Robbo's 9th gig) link:
  5. Music Hall
    Howdy Rockers! Just to let you know ex-Michael Schenker Group frontman, Leif Sundin is back but this time with his solo project under the name "House of Leaf". His debut album will be available both digitally and physically later this year. Until now, Leif has been hired to provide his vocals...
  6. Music Hall
    Howdy! Just wondering who do you think was the best singer for MSG other than Gary Barden? Cheers!
  7. Requests
    Hello everyone, Does anyone here knows whether the Wild Horses's 'Nights on the Town' and 'Retribution' both unreleased demos are available to download? Many thanks. Medina:happysad:
  8. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Here's my first post: Short n sweet from Brian Robertson & the boys: Tracks: 1. Intro 0.14 2. The Axe 4.44 3. In The City 4.59 4. Everlasting Love 3.14 5. I'll Give You Love 4.34 6. New York City 3.35 7. Stakeout 4.01 8. Stand Your Ground 3.32 Line up: Brian Robertson - guitar Jimmy Bain -...
1-8 of 8 Results