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  1. Buy and Sell
    For some important tips regarding buying a guitar please do have a look on my blog (ADS are not available on this blog it is purely for the guitar fans)
  2. Buy and Sell
    Please check this out and consider purchasing your own custom made and licensed brand-name guitar guys. I do this because every guitarist and apprentice guitarist should have a chance at owning the very best in stringed instrument construction. I'm currently limited to those in the Inland Empire...
  3. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Hi folks, I’m about to buy the new combo amp. Since I can’t afford tube amp at the moment, I’m forced to consider some other options. I play many styles, from old-school thrash metal, hard rock, to blues/jazz and alternative rock. I was searching a lot, looking for all kinds and types of amps...
  4. The Guitar Rack
    What to buy? I wanna buy a guitar but im not quite sure on what to buy so give me your opinion please. Options: 1-Epiphone SG G400 by Gibson 2- Vintage Les Paul Goldtop 3- Slammer Special 2PSF by Hamer What do you think? Thanks in advance ;)
  5. The Guitar Rack
    Dean Vendetta XMT vs. Epiphone Les Paul Special II
  6. Buy and Sell
    Lookin for a Peavey Nitro ll white color. Only in good condition.
  7. Buy and Sell
    Yamaha rbx 775 5 string electric bass guitar for sale. Like new! * Modern Rock Style Body Design * Solid Alder Body with Cutting Design * 35" Maple Neck * Rosewood Fingerboard * 24 Frets * Dual Humbucking Pickups * Black Hardware * Diecast Bridge * Black...
  8. The Guitar Rack
    These guitars are awesome. They're almost as good as their Gibson counterparts. I've had one for two years, but i'm selling it for cash. It's just not quite my style. The auction is up on ebay. Check it out if you want. If you aren't interested, pass on the word to a friend. I really need the...
1-8 of 8 Results