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  1. The Guitar Rack
    Hey, I'm wondering how to get the effect Peter Frampton used on Lines on my Face (and others). It's that early 70's sound with a flangy, chorusy autowah type effect plus some light tube distortion, reverb and probably a little compression/limiting. Has anyone here gotten this exact effect...
  2. Home Recording
    Hi chaps. I'm fairly new to this recording stuff so maybe you guys can help. I'm trying to get a good metal tone (think Dave Mustaine) with my GX, with a Jackson, recording into Ableton Live 8. All my rhythm tracks sound weak and thin........ Mulltitracking them doesn't seem to help, and it's...
  3. Home Recording
    Hi, I'm still a noob playing with recording my guitar. I am playing finger-picking and chord/melody on an acoustic-nylon with an under-saddle piezo pickup. I am recording straight into a little portable digital recorder (24-bit). My questions are for when I master on the computer. Here's what...
1-3 of 3 Results