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  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM METAL BOOTLEGS!!! What better than some Danzig for Halloween?! Sign up on Metal Bootlegs for many many more Danzig shows! -intro- Skin Carver I Luciferi Black Mass Brand New God Satan's Crucifixion Do You Wear The Mark? How The...
  2. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    FOR THE BIGGEST COLLECTIONS OF OZZY, SABBATH, ACCEPT, U.D.O.,MOTORHEAD, AND EVERYTHING ELSE METAL..., CHECK OUT: Wotan's Procession Skincarver Satan's Child I Luciferi Black Mass Circle of Snakes 1000 Devils Reign How the Gods Kill Her Black Wings...
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Trenton, New Jersey 4-9-88 Twist Of Cain Mother Of Mercy Am I Demon London Dungeon She Rides Black Dream To Walk The Night Halloween II Mother The Hunter Evil Thing Horror Biz The Shift Trouble Not Of This World Def Jam Rap Danzig Interview
  4. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Taped during the reunion of the Danzig band Samhain
  5. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Good sounding recording from the last tour
  6. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
  7. Bootleg Requests
    Hello All Looking for this show Has an extended Misfits set over the rest of the tour If anyone has please post It would be truly appreciated
  8. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Some folks were asking for some early Danzig stuff... This is a pretty OK audience tape from 1988...touring behind the first LP...they do a few Misfits and Samhain tunes (to fill out the set?). DANZIG Live In New York 1988 1. Twist Of...
  9. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Great early Show from Glen Danzig's Misfits.Live at Max's Kansas City ,20th Dec.1978. Very good sound I'm looking for Sex Pistols live at the Roxy 25th Oct.2007
  10. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    The Misfits: Last Show Ever Oct. 29, 1983 — Graystone Hall, Mich. Night Of The Living Dead 20 Eyes I Turned Into A Martian Death Comes Ripping Skulls Vampira London Dungeon Violent World Hate Breeders All Hell Breaks Loose Attitude Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? Devilock (beginning)...
  11. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Danzig - Devil Songs - The Palace Theater Hollywood, CA 7/7/89 FM Broadcast 1. Am I Demon 2. Twist Of Cain 3. Mother 4. Soul On Fire 5. She Rides 6. All Hell/London Dungeon 7. End Of Time 8. 777 9. Mother Of Mercy 10. To Walk The Night 11. Horror Biz 12. The Hunter 13. Evil Thing 14. Not Of...
  12. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Here are 2 shows from Danzig’s classic lineup. If you love the old Danzig before Glen started tinkering with electronica and replacing the original members….you are gonna love this stuff! Name: Danzig-Back In Black Date: 1992-09-14 Place: Tilburg, Holland, Noorderligt Quality: Aud VG Rip: 320...
  13. Bootleg Requests
    Anyone got any Danzig Boots, from the I Lucerifi tour preferably. thanks in advance!
121-133 of 139 Results