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  1. Music Hall
    Special thanks to Simon Phillips (sphill) at vhstrungout for these! Knowing all of the Roth fans we have here, I figured some of you would enjoy these!:thumb: "They make this drink in Brazil Called cachaca. It's sugar can alcohol. Costs 35 cents a quart. One quart of that stuff and you see...
  2. Music Hall
    "Just Like Paradise: A Millennium Tribute to Diamond David Lee Roth" July 25 2005 --------------- Featuring Current/Former members of Aerosmith, Poison, Riot, Dio, Lillian Axe, Enuff Znuff, American Dog, Dangerous Toys, Rough Cutt, Dokken, Lynch Mob, Black Sabbath, and TNT, as well as...
  3. Music Hall
    Who here is going to see the mighty, mighty Diamond David Lee Roth live and unchained on Friday, November 25, 2005??!!?? Can I get a SERIOUS ALL HELL YEAH!!!! Dave is gonna be rollin' into town like a runaway locomotive and I 'spect all you axe slingin' mofos and hoodoo women to be there...I...
  4. Music Hall
    Thats right is the Toastmaster Generals 51st birthday!! Diamond David Lee Roth...the greatest frontman in rock-n-roll. Happy Birthday, Dave!!!! :thumb:
  5. Music Hall
    VOTING BEGINS TODAY AT 5PM (pst)....ONLINE at: HOT FOR TEACHER is taking part in the second annual KFOX Last Band Standing Competition! There are three categories - Classic Rock Tribute Bands (bands that focus on one particular band), Classic Rock Cover Bands (bands that cover...
  6. The Guitar Rack
    vhfans in the San Diego area please come support your local VH tribute bands <font color="red"> ON FIRE </font> and <font color="blue"> OU812WABO </font> FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th at the La Jolla Hard Rock Cafe located at 909 Prospect St., La Jolla...
1-7 of 13 Results