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  1. Music Hall
    I think this one of the more underrated albums of the 90's... ESP if you inclue That's Why I Love You. It gaves us a different side of Van Halen and contained some of Ed's more inspired playing. My favs include: Without You, Fire In THe Hole, Once, That's Why I Love You, One I Want and Year To...
  2. Music Hall
    Over the past couple of weeks I have found myself listening to some Gary/Van Halen 1998 shows. (Thanks again Evh51501008) I was fortunate to see one show in Sydney and like mainy fans I was initially drawn to Gary's movements around the stage and did not really listen to his interpretation of...
  3. Music Hall
    Which \"Gary\" era song could Sammy Sing? I know we are all very, very happy that the "boys are back" This said there are some of us who have a soft spot for Gary who took on the hardest gig in the world. He and Ed wrote some interesting tunes, some worked, some sucked, some never got the...
  4. Music Hall
    Alex on \"Unreleased\" VH Songs VAN HALEN Drummer Says Every Song They Have Ever Completed Has Been Released Source: Blabbermouth VAN HALEN drummer Alex Van Halen recently told Australia's Undercover News that almost every song the band have ever finished recording since their first album in...
  5. Music Hall
    Alrighty then, although I have read posts on this site from people who actually liked and endorse the VH III album (a group of which I am a firm member), I have also noticed that this group is in the minority. Everyone seems to love hating this album. I personlly love it and have been...
  6. Music Hall
    What does it contain? its 31 dollars online !!! Did it cost that much when it was released?
1-7 of 8 Results