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doug aldrich
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  1. Music Hall
    Master of The Moon song clips are available here . Enjoy! I sure did. Sounds like good old Dio is at it again, kicking ass, old school-style! Long live Dio!
  2. MP3s - Originals
    As the unofficial Doug Aldrich fan club, I'm trying to bring this guys profile up...what better way than to get you lot to listen to him! This track is for free download on his site so no worries about licensing etc. This guy is what I would LIKE to be...awesome blues and rock chops, amazing...
  3. The Guitar Rack
    Cool album title from George Lynch..."Furious George".his new CD....Have to check it out.....Heard the Lynch Pilson.(CD)..Great great stuff...outstanding rock album....
  4. Amps and Amp Modeling
    What do you guys think of the Splawn mod? From everything that I have heard it is one amazing sounding mod. Scott Splawn just come out with the Pro Mod 50 and 100 watt heads. I might have to send him my Marshall 1978 2203! Anyone here ever had one of these mods or played on an amp that has...
  5. Music Hall
    OK, so Eddie\'s God, but who comes close? Hey Guys, I dont know if you're all guitar players here (probably though...) but I should imagine that you rate Eddie pretty high, of not top? I just thought I would add my list of other great Eddie style players in preference order...what do ypu...
  6. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Just an experiment with the POD and a Seymour Duncan 'Woody' pickup. This sits across the sound hole of the guitar. It's not really intended for recording-more live work. The tone isn't brilliant and I kept fuckin' up...I'm no acoustic player; but I used to like this track. My handicap is I...
  7. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    \"Ice 9\" by Terry Hey fellas, I just threw this together tonight with the help of my friend Steve. Took about an hour. Hope you like it. Terry
  8. The Guitar Rack
    Just wondering what everyones favourites are. At the moment, id have to say 'hibernation' by Ted Nugent. I have heard nothing else by Ted Nugent except 'cat scratch fever', but i absolutely love 'hibernation'.
  9. Music Hall
    Check out this fantastic instrumental from Doug Aldrich, currently touring with Whitesnake and ex-Dio. He's one of my all-time fav players with John Sykes and Randy Rhoads and EVH. Go here
  10. The Guitar Rack
    I dig his phrasing and string attack... it's very biting and unique. "Parisienne Walkways", "Still Got the Blues", "The Messiah Will Come Again" are great tunes during his peak- his sweet singing Les Paul tone in those songs is throaty and gives me chills. I believe most were recorded with a...
  11. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Our version of I\'m The One Listening to J-Marts version makes my sound seem bloody hopeless in comparison...too much phase I reckon-tell me what you think.It's a 5150 half stack but it sounds a bit fizzy in comparison to me. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to post a version with vocals...
  12. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    J-Mart version of I\'m the One Timing is off in parts, but it sounds pretty good.
  13. The Guitar Rack
    I'd like to discuss Instrumental Rock/Jazz/Fusion Guitarists...There have been great recordings through the years...A cool band to check out is "Tribal Tech" Scott Henderson is great...Frank Gambale has some great music, also...He did some great work with Chick Corea...Satriani & Vai of...
81-96 of 108 Results