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  1. The Guitar Rack
    I had a student come to me today asking me to make the entire lesson on tuning his guitar. I thought that this was pretty advanced thinking for a kid, so it inspired me to start this thread I remember when I was starting to play guitar, tuning was always an issue for me. That was a long time...
  2. Music Hall
    Hi guys, i was wondering. what would be the most perfect setlist of teh Van Halen reunion tour in 2007? here is my idea :beerbang: 01 - Light Up The Sky 02 - On Fire 03 - Unchained 04 - Drum Solo 05 - Little Dreamer 06 - Dave Talks 07 - 1984 + Jump 08 - The Full Bug 09 - Youre No Good 10 -...
  3. The Guitar Rack
    I recently got a Peavey Wolfgang and Ive been trying to play some Eddie stuff. Im playing thru a Vox AD60VTX (modeling amp). Pretty much a practice amp. It sounds pretty good at low volume but overall it has no balls and the distortion on it kinda sucks. I also have one of those Fender tweed...
  4. Music Hall
    I've only heard two songs: Runnin With The Devil and Eruption and I love both. What albums should I start with? And from those albums, what tracks?
  5. The Guitar Rack
    I just wondered who you guys rate as good rhythm guitarists. There is a lot more to guitar than a solo in my opinion. And there have been some great rhythm players in the last 50 odd years. Scotty Moore managed to make a decent guitar sound without ever losing his grip on the rhythm and so did...
  6. MP3s - Originals
    Hey there! You guys are freaking in-CREDIBLE!!!! Period!! I can't say thanks enough for all the listening and supportive replies!! My adventures in "tapping".......this is ALL tapped, as far as I can remember... Backing was pre-existing.... TAPPING (ROCK) Sjones-Legato Jam Rock based solo...
  7. Music Hall
    who do you think is better eddie or kirk hammet? :bannana_g
  8. Amps and Amp Modeling
    We now accept the .l6t extension so if you have a tone (that you've created) feel free to post it up in this forum.
  9. Music Hall
    NOTE: This is not a Guns and Roses bash-a-thon or a cheap shot at the band. It my way of explaining a possible situation. In 1991 Guns and Roses released "November Rain". It was regarded as a mini rock opera in the vein of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Funeral for a Friend". We all saw the video and...
  10. Music Hall
    If you could add one song to the 2004 setlist, what would it be. Now there is a catch to this. You have to get rid of one. I would add Sucker In A 3 Piece and I would get rid of Jump. It is a good song but I have heard it so many times live
  11. Music Hall
    Hey everyone. i have been reading a lot of websites around here and it seems like a lot of people are unhappy with how "BOBW" came out. The trackings are rough, the set-up is bad, ect. ect. So what i wanna see is what your track listing for "BOBW" would have been. Now too keep from everyone...
  12. Music Hall
    What do you think? 1. There's Only One Way To Rock 2. Good Enough 3. Mine All Mine/Drum Solo 4. Runaround 5. Romeo Delight (Mike on Vocals)/Bass solo 6. The Seventh Seal 7. I'm The One 8. The Dream Is Over 9. Best Of Both Worlds 10. Panama 11. Runnin' With The Devil 12. Poundcake 13. Why Can't...
  13. Music Hall
    hey guitarists what do you think the easiest & hardest vh solos are and for keyboarders what do you think the easiest and hardest vh songs to play are?
  14. Music Hall
    Breaking news and this shits me I have to post this here at my fav forum. In a nutshell, Eddie went nuts in thre 2nd Tuscon Show, broke two guitars, went nuts at Sammy and the band on stage. Reports will come in soon I am sure as news agencies report in. Please read the stuff so far at...
1-17 of 35 Results