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  1. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    07-26-2004 - Kansas City, Missouri Download Here: 1. Jump 2. Runaround 3. Humans Being 4. Up For Breakfast 5. Bass solo 6. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 7. Poundcake 8. It's About Time 9. Drum solo 10. Top Of The World 11. Unchained 12. Why Can't This Be Love...
  2. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    Nashville, TN Part-1 for the teacher 2.panama 3.a.t.c.w.r. 4.mean st. 5.d.t.n.a. 6.r.w.t.d. 7.i'm the 1 8.eruption-dave blows up at a fan-y.r.g.m. 9.beautiful girls 10.atomic punk intro 12.s.t.i.l. 13.little dreamer 14.pretty woman 15.d.o.a. 16yankee...
  3. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    As requested Re-up Neal Schon @ the Bammies (with Randy Jackson, Omar Hakim and Bob Marlette) The Theme – Late Nite Band Dock of the Bay – Michael Bolton Rock N Roll – Sammy Hagar Eagles Fly – Sammy Hagar enjoy cheers Rich
  4. Lossy Audio Bootlegs
    I'll post tracklisting details later, but here's a link to a Radio Broadcast of Neal Schon and the Late Nite Band (and guests Michael Bolton and Sammy Hagar) at the Bammies - also includes a couple of extra tracks of Schon and Hagar doing Rock n Roll and Rock Candy Cheers Rich Send big...
  5. Music Hall
    WARNING- Poor Van Halen review- This can\'t be love! Last night, walking into the Saddledome was like walking into a time capsule. The hair, the fashion, the feelings and, most importantly, the music was from a bygone era of rock 'n' roll. VAN HALEN Saddledome, Calgary Tuesday, October 26...
  6. Music Hall
    Ok fans i have been watching and listening to alot of boots of Sammy era VH.What i have notice is on the 5150 tour Sammy never did a solo,to my knowlege?Just wondering what everybody thoughts are?Do you think Sam was uncomfortable about doing a solo?Was it all about VH?
  7. Music Hall
    From Japanese mag.. BURN....... Few interesting points.... EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH SAMMY HAGAR & ALEX VAN HALEN OF VAN HALEN "Helloooooooooooo Baby! We're Back!" interview and live photos by John "Shooter" Harrell VAN HALEN is back together again, this time with SAMMY HAGAR as the frontman...
  8. Music Hall
    whos goin?!? I KNOW I AM!!!! its gonna be my first VH concert too. Im sure it will be great! Ill tell ya guys about it when I get back!
  9. Music Hall
    Sam or Dave-Who was better last year\'s tour? Who was better in concert-for those that attended the "Sam and Dave tour". I wasn't able to go. Just curious????
  10. Music Hall
    First of all, I’ve never been to the United Center for a show before – what a great venue!! I really don’t think there was a bad seat in the house. As Marti Di Bergi would say, “I wanted to see the sights, the sounds and the smells of a hard working rock band on the road. But I got more, a...
  11. Music Hall
    Hey everyone just got back from the Detroit JLA show and all I have to say is it was freackin amazing!!! Ah but I am getting a litle ahead of myself, First the opeming act Silvertide, very solid band, their one guitarist was just a ball of energy, lead singer reminded me of a Robert...
  12. Music Hall
    Who\'s going to the Pittsburgh show?? hey everyone, i'm ganna try and see who's all going to this concert....and possibly meet up with a bunch of you before the concert, how cool would that be!...i've already got one person here that i know of thats going....and it'd be great to meet up and...
  13. Music Hall
    What a weekend! Two nights, and two incredible Van Halen concerts. Not that there was any doubt, but Edward Van Halen has once again proven why he is the greatest guitarist to ever grace this planet. He is definitely the master of his craft. Last night's Worcester show was no exception as Ed...
  14. Music Hall
    After some long needed rest, I've decided to share my thoughts on last night's Van Halen show at the Worcester Centrum: Two words: "Fucking incredible". My wife and I had the time of our lives last night. The 5-Star package was well worth the money. Soundcheck was a surreal experience with Mike...
  15. Music Hall
    To those of you overseas that will have to wait to experience this, my deepest sympathies. For those of us going to the show in Philly tonight, 7 hours and counting until it's 5150 TIME!!!! See you there.
1-16 of 23 Results