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  1. Music Hall
    Kldguitar is manufacturer produce guitar amp and effect pedal, Our target clients are hobby and home studio gear. Now, we look for talent guitarist being endorsement. Please watch our website and join us.
  2. Buy and Sell
    Hello everybody. My name is Mike. I live in Federal Way, WA Today I want to introduce you several high end effect pedals. These effects are absolutely custom and being made in a small sound-engineering studio in Europe, these guys make them from high-end parts only. Which you can check using...
  3. The Guitar Rack
    Hi, buddies, not sure if anyone here tested Biyang effect pedals ever before ? Yeah, I am a sales man but today I am not comeing to promote anything because I do think Biyang guys produced very high cost performance pedals , just share friends our site, whatever...
  4. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Which effect pedal brands you like in below effect pedal 1. distortion and overdriver 2. delay 3. chourse 4> Fuzzybrands
  5. Buy and Sell
    Kldguitar OD based on Ibanez TS808, it is real bypass.Modeling and boutique pedal makers have copied the smooth and full tone of this pedal countless times. Now you can have kldguitar 's faithful reissue at a price that doesn't break the bank. The reissue features the same JRC4558D IC chip and...
  6. Buy and Sell
    Kldguitar RAT This is the classic tone.,base on Jacl Orman design. The standard that all other distortion devices are measured against. Heard on thousands of recordings, it has helped define the sound of the past three decade's most influential bands. The beauty of the RAT lies in its...
1-6 of 6 Results