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  1. Elvis Bootlegs
    I’m currently looking for this dvd series. Mostly for “1972 part 1” I’d be willing to share whatever I may have that you’d like. I have a Dropbox full of Elvis content. I seen someone posted my Dropbox link to Sold Out! Volumes 1-16 on here. I have more DVDs too.
  2. Elvis Bootlegs
    IF anyone have any of these concerts below please let me know I have been looking for long time but i cant find these concerts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. August 21 1974 - In The Heat Of The Desert May 24 1974 Live - At The Del Webbs March 13 1974 - Beaming Spotlights In...
  3. Elvis Bootlegs
    I need help to complete my Elvis in concert collection. I've looked everywhere for these concerts but i cant find them If anybody can help me I would be very grateful. Thank you, Kon 01/03/1970 Closing Strong (2:00 pm) 01/03/1970 Elvis At The Dome (7:00 pm) 09/02/1971 Setting The Season...
  4. Elvis Bootlegs
    If anyone has this newly released July 20, 1975 concert from EP Collection, I'd love to have it.
  5. Elvis Bootlegs
    Tracklisting 2001 Theme / C.C. Rider / Johnny B. Goode / Proud Mary / Until It's Time For You To Go / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling / Polk Salad Annie / What Now My Love / Fever / Love Me / Blue Suede Shoes / Heartbreak Hotel / All Shook Up / Little Sister -...
  6. Elvis Bootlegs
    Tracklisting Also Sprach Zarathustra / C. C. Rider - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again / I Got A Woman - Amen / The Lord's Prayer / Love Me / Tryin' To Get To You / Sweet Caroline / Love Me Tender / Fever / Johnny B. Goode / Hound Dog / Polk Salad Annie / Killing Me Softly / Spanish Eyes /...
  7. Elvis Bootlegs
    High Spirits In Vegas:!hkRzAaqR!FKQl7-RDqjDLTFcqOGLyU3Ll0j9bjEgQCSiMOi2EcVY Getting Down To Business:!5lIEFaLb!c9acogLERHq_kOZdl8wb0LpgbNgaUp5XQhwAC63TkOI Cheers, etp
  8. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hi to all, I'm searching Elvis rocks Lincoln 20 june 1977 Good times with Elvis 13 june 1972 The power of Zhazam 10 november 1971 thanks :smooch:
  9. Elvis Bootlegs
    You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' Tracks: 01. Opening riff (0.31) 02. That's allright (1.57) 03. I got a woman / Ave Maria (3.49) 04. Tiger man (1.27) 05. Dialogue (3.14) 06. Love me tender (false start) (5.03) 07. I've lost you (3.40) 08. It's crying time (false start) (0.40) 09. I...
  10. Elvis Bootlegs
    anyone have international earthquake from feb 5 1970 :bannana_g
  11. Elvis Bootlegs
    does anyone have Heading Home the cdr when Elvis Was in Carbondale Illinois :bannana_g
  12. Elvis Bootlegs
    is there anyone here havin the track "its your baby you rock it" from the album elvis Rareties unreleased studio masters without the annoying jumps here and there?:)
1-12 of 12 Results