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  1. Bootlegs
    I've done a lot, and I mean ALOT, of comparisons between the That's The Way It Is The Complete Shows DVDs and the CDs in the past. Two concerts on the CDs that are pretty different are the August 11, 1970, Dinner Show and the August 12, 1970, Midnight Show. They're either missing some footage...
  2. Elvis Bootlegs
    Please, I'm searching this DVD full Elvis in the '70 Elvis coming home 1st, 2nd & 4 ever This is the story Thanks to all and Merry Christmas!
  3. Elvis Bootlegs
    October 25, 1976 - 8:30 pm - Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, Indiana Disc 1 C.C. Rider I Got A Woman Amen I Got A Woman Love Me Fairytale You Gave Me A Mountain Jailhouse Rock Help Me All Shook Up Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel Trying To Get To You Fever America The Beautiful Band Introduction...
  4. Elvis Bootlegs
    October 26, 1976 - Evening Show- University Od Dayton, Dayton, Ohio See See Rider I Got A Woman - Amen Love Me Fairytale You Gave Me A Mountain Jailhouse Rock Help Me All Shook Up Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel And I Love You So Fever America Polk Salad Annie Introductions Early Morning Rain What'd...
  5. Elvis Bootlegs
    Looking For This Release: Last Night In Spades Recording: Audience Recorded live at the Kemper Arena June 18, 1977 ES. Kansas City, MO.
  6. Elvis Bootlegs
    I know this takes a bit of work but i would be so appreciative if anyone could upload this again pleae. Many Thanks TCB
  7. Elvis Bootlegs
    Elvis Presley 'What Now My Love' FTD CD Set The Midnight Shows, August 1972 Las Vegas Thanks. grantbeard:rock:
  8. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hi, i'm searching the cdr "Givin the best" Lake Tahoe, May 1 1976 MS
  9. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hi I'm searching this cd Tumbling Walls - 1, 1975 Evening Show. Atlanta, GA Huntsville - May 30, 1975 Evening Show. Huntsville, AL Cleveland - July 10, 1975 Evening Show. Richfield, OH Cincinnati - March 21, 1976 Afternoon Show. Cincinnati, OH On Tour Bloomington - May 27, 1976 Evening Show...
  10. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hi, anyone have this concert in falc please? Turn around, look at me "Lake Charles, May 4, 1975 2:30 PM) From Tahoe to Vegas "Lake Tahoe, July 24, 1971 MS-Las Vegas, August 26, 1971 MS-Las Vegas, August 27, 1971 MS" Thanks a lot!!!
  11. Elvis Bootlegs
  12. Elvis Bootlegs
    Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind Thanks
  13. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hello Friends And Merry Christmas To All Members
  14. Elvis Bootlegs
    Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra!3F9gFZaC!cXxlTya0ZT1gBII7-z3o_UVtFJG5NpH5ya11BvX30Qg
  15. Elvis Bootlegs
    In 1936, William and Helen Hemsley (Brian Geraghty, Amanda Crew) welcome identical twin boys into the world. But their joy is quickly tempered by a sobering realization; how could they give these children any kind of a life beyond the desperate poverty that haunted many families in the midst of...
  16. Elvis Bootlegs
    City of Peace Media and Capitol Christian Distribution announce THE IDENTICAL SOUNDTRACK set for release on September 2nd. THE IDENTICAL a City of Peace Films/Freestyle Releasing feature film starring Erin Cottrell, Amanda Crew, Brian Geraghty, Seth Green, Ashley Judd, Joe Pantoliano, Blake...
  17. Elvis Bootlegs
    Here you go everyone. This is the cd called You'll Never Walk Alone 07-19-75-ES. I re-eq'd it for better sound, it was a tad shrill before. I added some bass and reduced the treble, to make it more comfortable on the ears. I did not use Winrar as that sometimes corrupts files. They are...
  18. Elvis Bootlegs
    HI, I'm searching this concert in flac please A Thunder in the Night August 1, 1971 Lake Tahoe
  19. Elvis Bootlegs
    May 16, 1974 - Opening Show - Sahara Tahoe Hotel & Casino, Lake Tahoe, Stateline Nevada!kppAiJpQ!Oqb3cC5JGKnOSTlNtqT4AA7Ur60kQsNFq-BRqbG5nEg
  20. Elvis Bootlegs!5xwDBKDJ!N-IfHFNXDjxRdebixCHeUQ9f8ItttnUUauLEv5rZJog
1-20 of 111 Results