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  1. Elvis Bootlegs
    Hello Everybody, this is my first post on the fourm so this may be a shot in the dark but, does anybody have this DVD set? I would really love to have them. Thank you all! TCB
  2. Elvis Bootlegs
    I am after the "new" versions of Hollywood Elvis / I'll Be There & On Tour The Alternate Movie. Tried to buy them online but got ripped off :-( If anyone could upload any of them it would be great.
  3. Elvis Bootlegs
    title says it all , i'm looking for this 4 DVD set to download , i've been searching around for quite a few times now and nothing came up. thanks for your time
  4. Elvis Bootlegs
    I just watched Elvis On Tour on TCm and wondered about Thus Spoke Zarathustra (2001 A Space Odyssey) Theme. It sounds very different and jazzier than any other versions I have heard from this time period (the obvious being Aloha From Hawaii). Is this a studio recording that we hear as opposed to...
  5. Elvis Bootlegs
    I've posted elsewhere that Im trying to compile the songs Elvis performed in On Tour so I can create a "soundtrack" for the movie. When done I will post my finished project. However, there are a few things I'm missing. First does anyone have "I Got A Woman-Amen" and "You Gave Me A Mountain" from...
1-5 of 5 Results