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ernie ball
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    Hello, Just seeing if anyone else is in the "Match the Master" Ernie ball guitar contest? I'd love to chat with some fellow players! Please check out my vids so far, I'll be uploading more later! Thanks.
  2. The Guitar Rack Here is my take on one of my favorite guitar solos from the album The Division Bell. Please feel free to comment, like, share and subscribe to my channel. Recorded on - Music Man JP7 Ernie Ball 7-String Slinky COBALT Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL+...
  3. The Guitar Rack
    I recently purchased a new (old stock) OLP MM1FR model off Fleabay. It is a tobacco burst with a black (licensed by) Floyd Rose tremolo. Its a really nice guitar (especially for what I paid for it...but I'm confused about something. I know the design of the OLP MM1 (and MM1FR) was based on...
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    Ernie Ball's Cheers to 50 Years contest gives you the chance to win over $50,000 in prizes and a private master class with John Petrucci! Check out the official YouTube announcement featuring John Petrucci himself: Ernie Ball has joined forces with...
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    Currently selling guitar strings with delivery to all Singapore postal addresses with no extra charge. Electric, acoustic & classical. We carry brands like D'addarios, Ernie Balls, Martins etc. Also offering a special range of budget-friendly but reliable strings for those who require. Will be...
  6. The Guitar Rack
    I've been off line for about 4 months. I've been trying to acsess the Ernie Ball Website/Forums, but keep getting errors. Does anyone know if it closed down or has a new address?
  7. Buy and Sell
    Looking for an Inexpensive entry level Guitar. Specifically looking for an OPL Ernie Ball Musicman. Just need something to noodle around with. Please post here or e-mail directly, Pictures, Price and Description. If I'm not close enough to pick it up, I'll pay reasonable Shipping costs. I have...
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  9. Buy and Sell
    selling a ton of stuff to pay for a new rig as i'm in the process of getting some sponsorships that will still require a hefty amount of cash on my side. but anyways here goes. prices do not include shipping unless noted. thanks guitars: 199? Black Gibson SG special. it's pretty beat...
  10. The Guitar Rack
    I just baught a new guitar less than a week ago. It's a esp ltd H-101fm. Pretty nice for 240 bucks great sound really pretty finish and good feel. but i've never strung a guitar string before. and i bought new strings yesterday and had so much trouble with them. can i can some tips on stringing...
  11. The Guitar Rack
    Hi all, I'm quite noob at this thing so I need your help, excuse my bad knowledge. I'm considering to get an American Strat, so perhaps I'm considering between American Standard, a more expensive American Deluxe Strat, a even more expensive mid 90 reissue 60s American Strat, and my colleague...
  12. The Guitar Rack
    Ok so I'm just starting out playing guitar, and now it's time to change my strings for the first time. 1 - How do I change them? 2 - How do I know I have fitted them correct? 3- Which strings do I buy? I have a Slash custom Epiphone Les Paul. I took the E string out, just by losening the...
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  14. The Guitar Rack
    Hey guys I've been having a serious problem with my guitars intonation. Every 2-3 weeks I have to actually take it into the shop just so they can re-intonate the darn thing and today it just crapped out again. I know how the you have to tune everything to the correct standard tuning and then...
  15. The Guitar Rack
    Hi all, I have a question for anyone who knows. I have played for years, but I have recently started setting up my own guitars. Does anyone have any techniques that work well for them? I am going by the Fender Strat guidelines for my USA Strat, and I adjust the Truss Rod, and then the saddle...
  16. Gear Photos
    Ok ok so I bought a cheapy. I impulse bought an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. I've since, removed pickup covers, scratch plate and added a SD JB in the bridge.
  17. The Guitar Rack
    I have around $2k to spend. I am not a musician but I bought a Taylor acoustic just to play a couple Steve Earle tunes. I want a guitar to play a few VH tunes. I plan on buying a Peavey Valveking amp but could be persuaded to go a different route. What do you guys think? I will probably try...
  18. The Guitar Rack
    i have a olp mm1 floyd rose guitar and its seem that the ernie ball guitar action is way lower is there something i can do when i lower it to keep from some frets buzzing
1-18 of 139 Results