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evh art series
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  1. The Guitar Rack
    I always thought Charvel should have put some details (neck pup, switch, guard, quarter, ect) when they made the Frankenstrat Art Series. They sure charged enough.
  2. Gear Photos
    What a fun project. Love the guitar, sounds good looks good, and nothing beats the pride in doing it yourself. PLUS you cant buy a left handed evh art series LOL! It's already got me thinking what kind of guitar I'm building next... I can't get the pic to upload GRRR stay tuned...
  3. The Guitar Rack
    Whats your dream guitar and stack? include ne pedals if u wish... Id have to say an ESP Alexi Laiho and a Marshall AVT150X Stack.
  4. The Guitar Rack
    This will be my fourth effort. Have to say, every single one of my home made guitars has had something to improve on it. Action too high, excess hum, unstable trem. But slowly but surely I've fixed each problem as it came with help and advice from people like EJ, D.i.n.o, and other great people...
  5. The Guitar Rack
    I copied the discussion from another post regarding paint tips. Enjoy! :thumb: -EJ
  6. The Guitar Rack
    Found that in another forum. Can't say if its real. Saludos.
  7. The Guitar Rack
    Ever since PRS came out with the singlecut in 2001, I've had this weird desire to own one. I had an epiphone custom LP before, and didn't like it too well, but the PRS just seems so... nice. Now that they are being sued by Gibson I believe, they aren't manufacturing the guitar anymore, leaving...
  8. The Guitar Rack
    I'm in need of help! I'm possible going to buy a Wolfgang that EVH played at NAMM. What Wolfgangs did Ed play while @ NAMM? I know he's played a few. Any help would be really apreciated.... Thanks:jam: :bowdown:
  9. The Guitar Rack
    Bought a Wolfgang Special not too long ago, and for some reason the Floyd seems to be a bit "stiffer" than on my other Wolf. Is there anyway to fix this because it takes a bit more effort to do whammy stuff, and I always feel like I'm gonna break the damn bar. Should I take it in to a tech, or...
  10. The Guitar Rack
    hey guys i was wondering if any of you guys have played one of the EVH art series guitars and if theyre worth the like to make my own but i dont think that would work out lol im only 15 dont think my parents would let me risk doing it wrong so i was thinkin about one of the art...
  11. Buy and Sell
    Unfortunately a few things have come up so she's gotta go. Ive had offers around $900-$1000 but no ones has committed to it so here we go. $900 US, must be payed with Paypal. Bear in mind that Im in Australia so factor in freight. To the USA should be around $80US. All I ask is dont F**K me...
  12. Buy and Sell
    Hi everyone, Ive been lurking here for ages and I see that there are alot of EVH fans here, so I thought Id offer it to the people here first.............then let the EVH Inc Lawyers have a go at taking it off Ebay. This guitar is BRAND NEW. Everything was purchased or built less that 4 months...
  13. The Guitar Rack
    Being an Eddie fan and a fan of anything custom made . I thought I would look into a few details of the new EVH/Charvel venture. The first thing I took note of was Charvel .They were aquired as part of FMIC (Fender Musical Instruments Inc.) In the fine print of the web ads as quoted from...
  14. Music Hall
    My first post, and I have to say what an awesome site! Got back from the Biloxi, MS ( stationed at Keesler AFB) Van Halen concert last night at 1:00 am and I'm still pumped baby!!! Would have posted review sooner, but had family in from Florida because of hurricane. What a night. My wife and...
  15. Music Hall
    I'm surprised this has not been discussed yet! There he is with Frankie! This actually made me buy tickets for the Oakland show. Good riddance Peevy and take those dorky Wolfie's with you.
  16. Music Hall
    This will be announced at NAMM today. Charvel is coming out with a limited edtion line of Van Halen model striped Charvels, in all three famous color schemes. These are NOT the same as the EVH Artist series now available on E-Bay. The new guitars will not be striped by Eddie, but WILL be...
  17. Music Hall
    Interesting.... The EVH art series guitars were down for a few days... I just checked back on them... I noticed that the Black and WHite one that was bid up to 21,000 dollars is now onlybid up to 8,000 bucks... What's up with that? Guess someone backed out of the bidding? Or realized he was nuts?
  18. Music Hall
    [ QUOTE ] From MelodicRock Copies of the new Van Halen compilation are appearing at retail already and I'm already getting questions e-mailed in about the package. The most notable one - why isn't Michael Anthony credited on the new songs? The fact is and my sources confirm, Anthony, the...
1-19 of 24 Results