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fantasy football

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    Going to meet him Saturday and besides telling him to check out, what would you ask or tell him..ill give ya the answer next Sunday if its a good question...Thanks
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    1/ Steve Vai 2/ Eddy Van Halen 3/ Jimi Hendrix 4/ Slash 5/ Nuno Bettencourt 6/ Vinnie Moore 7/ Yngwie Malmsteen (although im begining to get over him, he does the same scale every time) Each of these guys have influenced my playing, anyone else got a top 5 they wanna share so that i can get...
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    The Venue : Stamford Bridge Football Stadium. London. U.K. The Date : Saturday, 30th August, 2003. The Time : 3:00 p.m. Kick Off The Occasion : Chelsea v Blackburn Rovers Some History : In the summer, Chelsea bought Blackburn Rover's highly rated Irish winger, Damien Duff for the...