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  1. Backing Track Managers
    Updated BT List 11/30/04 Updated 11/30/04 Part 1 If you want any let me know (11) Lasse Stefanz - En Ring På Ditt Finger (Backing Tracks) 24 Full Blues Backing Tracks For Guitarists - Very Sweet! (BB KING) FULL BAND BACKING TRACK IN BB [Backing Track] - Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley 01 -...
  2. Music Hall
    after i bought and heared passion and warfare i became a vai fan once more. he really redefines the meaning of guitar playing! no longer is guitar playing just notes..his guitar comes alive becoming a creature with its own behavior, temper, moods its just pure amazing. ok before u start flaming...
  3. Music Hall
    Does anybody know when the new Vai studio album is due?
  4. MP3 Covers (Heavy Rock/Metal)
    Hey dudes and dudettes hears the next one in the series of steve vai covers, this one is Hand On Heart, and this is for evh51501008 because i know how much this song means to him. Hope i didn alright with it mate. Hope everyone enjoys this, i enjoyed recording this because i was learning the end...
  5. Backing Track Managers
    Anybody have a Satch or Vai Requests? this is what i got from them. Joe Satriani Lords of Karma Engines of Creation Mountain Song Sleepwalk Back to Shalla Bal Circles Satch Boogie Chords of Life Oriental Melody Secret Prayer Cool #9 Lights of Heaven Tears in the Rain Time Machine Belly...
  6. The Jam Room
    Looks like there are a lot more people that want to jam this time so I'm adding a 3rd song. Get the BT in the SEPT JAM thread song 1 so I don't have to post it twice. Claim your slot below: SLOT 1 0-1.00 Wah Wah COMPLETED SLOT2 1.01-1:40 DannyBoy COMPLETED SLOT 3 1:41-2:29 Andrew...
  7. Music Hall
    Just starting this thread to find out which songs are the most difficult to play in your opinion? For me I can never nail anything by (not even close) to Jason Becker... other than that would have to be some of John Petrucci's songs and Steve Morse's. Generally I would say that Satch's stuff are...
  8. Music Hall
    If you have not listened to this one in a long time......go back to 1990 and get Vai's Passion and Warfare. That CD kicks some major ass. I really like the groove of track 3 "The animal" Stu Hamm is an awesome bass player. The song "Answers" is a Vai classic....I have that on a G3 DVD.
  9. The Guitar Rack
    Just wondering what everyones favourites are. At the moment, id have to say 'hibernation' by Ted Nugent. I have heard nothing else by Ted Nugent except 'cat scratch fever', but i absolutely love 'hibernation'.
  10. The Guitar Rack
    Does anybody know what kind of double neck bass/keyboard the bassist is using........
21-35 of 37 Results