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  1. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Hey gang here's the deal...after a very long hiatus I'm returning to playing bass and some guitar too. I'm looking at a few choices for practice amps. Honestly, for my purposes anyone of these would probably do. I'd like honest opinions about your experience with any of the following; Fender...
  2. Amps and Amp Modeling
    Hey gang here's my position. I'm a bass player who's been on a very long hiatus. Back now, I'm also looking for a reliable and dedicated practice guitar amp for home. I can't justify spending big bucks. I have some choices I'm considering. Obviously everyone has a different ear so what may sound...
  3. Buy and Sell Read the details. The amp is in perfect condition. If you have questions, please message me on eBay.
1-3 of 3 Results