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    Hi everyone I´m here to share with you my cover of "We are Young" Hope you enjoy
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    Heart & fun. - 2013-10-26 - Mountain View, CA (DVDfull pro-shot) Bridge School Benefit: Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA Lineage: dvb mpeg stream > .TS File > TMPGEnc V4 > VIDEO_TS Ratio - 4:3 Menu - PC Chapters - Each Song NTSC PRO SHOT Video: 8000 kbs 29.97 fps Audio...
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    [Tl,dr: What 3 way selector switch would i need for a Jackson's active EMG setup with purely circuit-based connections?] So I just traded way up to a Jackson Rhoads, and The original owner has some mods on it that I am in the process of un-doing. The ones I want to keep are the Floyd Rose...
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    Hey whats up guys, good to see a site for us to be us! Been playing almost all my life in army right now but still got that dream to play,lol. been in several bands metal is my choice but I can play classical aswell, check out my videos let me know what you think, sorry videos kinda suck and I...
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    Well here is my latest offering, hope you enjoy!
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    I got this idea from somewhere else & it's a very cool idea. All you have to do to play the game is say something about the person above you. Every single post should be used only to say something about the person above you. NOTE: This game does not require long quoting strings. It doesn't...