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  1. Requests
    Hi! My first post here :) Can anyone help me out getting this songs backing track?! Thank you so much in advance!
  2. MP3s - Originals
    Hey there folks! Just sharing some of my latest work. I've been focusing on film and game scoring. Thought I'd pass it along. SJ ORCHESTRAL TRACKS More guitar-centric stuff in my sig' Peace, and thx in advance! Scott
  3. The Guitar Rack
    Hey guys Just stumbled upon this nice lil flash-based game similar to Guitar Hero Added it up in the site .. Check it out Have fun and lemme know how much you scored .. I kinda sucked ;)
  4. The Guitar Rack
    The site has released a beta version of a guitar hero like software that allows you connect your guitar to your computer's input jack and lets you play along with guitar pro tab synced with optional audio. Currently the software is only functioning with XP and maybe vista...
1-4 of 6 Results